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Canadian army

I’m quite sure I had this one before but I love it. All for you Bob 😆 way true though give them a hockey stick and the Canadians could rule the world.  

Winnipeg Jets


I know it’s summer but the ice hockey is still on and since I’m Swedish I might have made a few digs against the Canadians but I love their team as well (so long as they start losing against my team) 🙂

Anyhoo got some nice photos from Bob over at Exploring Winnipeg and beyond to cheer me up after our latest loss against the Canucks so will have to share.

And then we got an famous Winnipeg Jet captain from Sweden. 


Winnipeg Jets captain Lars-Erik Sjoberg carries the Avco Cup after the Jets beat the Edmonton Oilers 7-3 to capture the final WHA championship four games to two in Winnipeg, May 20, 1979.

He was the first non-North American born and raised captain in the NHL, wearing the “C” for the Winnipeg Jets during their first season in the NHL. On the Jets he was nicknamed “The Professor” and “The Little General.” He captained the Swedish National Team at the 1976 Canada Cup.

Sjöberg was working as a scout for the New York Rangers when he died of cancer in 1987. To honour him the Rangers each year gives out the Lars-Erik Sjöberg Award to the best rookie in the training camp.

And of course the amazing finn is just kickass.



Is that you Bob 🙂

Ohhh you beastly Canadians


It has taken me some time to get to grips with the swedish loss against Canada this last weekend and after some soul searching I came to the conclusion that the team was just shite compared to those beastly canucks. Yepp that’s you Bob 😉

But to just add insult to the injury I found out that they got ice girls cheerleaders.  Now WTF! that’s just pouring salt on my pain. Damn u Canada! 🙂


Such a great photo

Around the world: Canada

Join me on a trip Around the world and explore the great assets of different countries.

First stop is Canada:

So why should one go to Canada? I have four categories so hopefully something is to your liking.

1. The girls

Cobie Smulders


Love How I Met Your Mother and Cobie Smulder playing Robin Scherbatsky is one hot Canadian.

Grace Park


This Vancouver native first caught our eye as Lt. Sharon Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii “Boomer” Valerii in the cult sensation, in the cult sensation, Battlestar Battlestar Gallactica. Gallactica. She currently stars in CBS’s revival of She currently stars in CBS’s revival of Hawaii Hawaii Five-0 Five-0 .

Laura Vandervoort


She is supergirl, need I say more..
And from Toronto. Go Maple Leaf.

2. Food:


A small sampling of Canadian foods. Top to bottom, left to right: Montreal-style smoked meat, Maple syrup, Peameal bacon, Butter tart, Poutine, Nanaimo bar

“Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. Not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord.” Former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark

Had to Wikipedia this since I only know Canadian food from Bob in Winnipeg and I think he eats everything 😀 . But he had a blog post about the hot dogs there that looked insanely good. When I finally will make it to Winnipeg he has promised me hockey and dogs. Yeah!

3. Music

Some really good artists and bands from Canada includes for instance Leonard Cohen, Nickelback, Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive etc. Unfortunately they also gave us Justin Bieber which is hard to forgive.

Let’s finish off the Canadian music experience with Bryan Adams.

4. Sports
Ice hockey! The best game in the world and of course the greatest player of them all is Wayne Gretzky. No one can tell me otherwise.

Off course there is more to Canada than this but I would leave now to Canada for my 4 reasons alone.

Fun facts:
+ If you want to make an American smile, ask a Canadian to say out and about. It works every time.

+ Canadians call the one dollar coin the loonie. When in full production, 15 million loonies can be produced per day.

+ The Canadian motto is A Mari Usque ad Mare. It means from sea to sea.

+ Canada has the world’s smallest jail – in Rodney, Ontario; it’s only 24.3 square meters (270 square feet).

+ 32% of Canadians are very happy, 55% are quite happy.

Via 145 interesting facts about Canada.

The lovely Melissa Debling

Just a few lovely photos of the amazingly sexy Melissa Debling.

Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada
Hair Color: Blonde
Claim to Fame: Glamor Model

Her official website

Late entry for Happy 145th Canada

Sorry, all forgot to congratulate the Canadians on their day yesterday so as a token of my apprecaition for you Canucks out there, thank you for giving us Sunny Leone… and if you want to see a proper Canadian celebrating, go check out Bobs Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

Sunny Leone (born May 13, 1981) is a Canadian pornographic actress, actress, businesswoman and model of dual Canadian/U.S. nationality. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, she has also played roles in independent mainstream films and television shows.

Sexy Canadians: Emmanuelle Vaugier

emmanuelle-vaugier-7952Emmanuelle may be best known for her popular role as Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancé Mia on the award-winning CBS comedy ‘Two and a Half Men’. For three seasons she also played Detective Jennifer Angell on ‘CSI NY’.



Sexy Canadians: Emmanuelle Chriqui

emmanuelle-chriquiEmmanuelle Chriqui (born December 10, 1977) is an actress who has appeared on both television and in cinema. She is perhaps best known for her role on Entourage as Sloan McQuewick.

Emmanuelle Chriqui wallpaper (4)


Sexy Canadians: Erica Durance

Erica Durance (born June 21, 1978) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman-inspired television series Smallville.erica_durance_maxim_5_bigerica_durance_7erica-durance-picture-1Erica_Durance_DT-magazine-Spain-September-2008_04erica-durance_737c6abb

Sexy Canadians: Melyssa Ford

Born November 7, 1976 (age 34) in Toronto, Ontario.

600full-melyssa-ford (1)

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Sexy Canadians: Elisha Cuthbert

600full-elisha-cuthbert (2)600full-elisha-cuthbert (1)600full-elisha-cuthbert (3)600full-elisha-cuthbert (4)600full-elisha-cuthbert (5)600full-elisha-cuthbert936full-elisha-cuthbert (1)936full-elisha-cuthbert (3)936full-elisha-cuthbert936full-elisha-cuthbert (2)

Todays pinup Rachel Perry


Happy birthday Bob

misc-049112Not Bob!In celebration of Bob at Bob’s place – Exploring Winnipeg and beyond, a superb blogger who just seems to enjoy his Canada to bits and also his food, I actually have been so so so close to actually buy a ticket to Winnipeg just to try out that new restaurant there due to Bob’s posts.

Anyway back to the birthday boy, as a little happy birthdayAlso not Bob! gift to him I will have an all out day of Canadian beauties here today, was actually easier to find gorgeous girls from Canada than I was expecting, hell, they were to many… 

Also thought I do a reblog of one of his posts, my thought was to do the randomize but imagine if just that one would be boring as hell? Well, you never know, even the best of bloggers has a bad patch of posts they just want to forget about, anyway.. I was in luck, on my first random post on his blog I did find a great post so here goes:

Yes Virgina, There is a Winnipeg

Posted on November 7, 2010 by Bob

Much fun has been poked at my adopted home town over the years.  In cinema and in song, Winnipeg has been treated like a fictional clearing house.   In the same vein as Walla Walla, Washington or Kookamunga.

Well being Canadian means being able to take a joke.  So in honour of my home town here are some of the best videos I could find on the subject of Winnipeg!!


Read more…

  Since I felt lucky I pushed the dreaded randomizer again:

There is a 49% Chance that I am a 50 Year Old Woman

Posted on September 26, 2010 by Bob

Just when you think things couldn’t get any stranger around here, the hits keep coming.  I was doing some surfing today and came across a pretty cool website. is a text analysis website, basically you give the website your blog address and it runs a text analysis algorithm through it to decide a few things.  The probable sex, age and mood of the web site’s author are analyzed and printed out in a pie chart configuration.

So according to the computers at Urlai, after running Bob’s Place through. There is a very high probability that I am a post menopausal woman who has a generally positive outlook on life who writes with a personal style opposed to an academic tone.

Read more…


Sexy Olympics special: Allison Baver


Allison Baver (born September 11, 1980 in Reading, Pennsylvania) is an American short track speed skater. Baver trains with the US permanent winter sports Olympic team, in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the 2005-2006 season, she was ranked third overall in the World Rankings.

Enjoy, she is so hot it’s amazing… *drool*

Check out her website here:



545602-allison-baver-photo-021610-lg-42326089656px-Allison_Baver 545413034_190808742958_92016757958_3993350_4180325_nallisonbaver_winterolympicsmodel-1model-2 model-3model-4 model-5model-6 model-8

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics Special: Gretchen Bleiler

04-gretchen-bleiler-photo-021610-lg-955770882Gretchen Bleiler (born on April 10, 1981 in Toledo, Ohio ) is a professional halfpipe snowboarder. She currently resides in Aspen, Colorado.

While competing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, many considered Bleiler a gold medal favorite. However, she fell on both of her final runs, and took a disappointing 11th place.

When she is not competing, Bleiler enjoys surfing, mountain biking, interior design and fashion. She is also active in several environmental organizations, including the Aspen Snomass Save Snow campaign, and

Check out her website here:

and btw, she is married 😦


gretchen-bleiler-edit-header4-gretchen_bleilergretchen-blieler-sexy-athletes-female-snowboarder-1BD3.GretchenBleiler_Oakley.jpg.20497.2.sync Gretchen Bleiler Married - Gretchen Bleiler WeddingGretchen Bleiler Married - Gretchen Bleiler Wedding

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics special: Alain Baxter

Not often I do this but let’s have a sexy guy in the blog. Found these pictures so girls, enjoy.

Alain Baxter (born December 26, 1973) is a professional skier from Scotland. He specialises in the slalom discipline.

He is now retired so he isn’t competing in this years Olympics.

Check out his website here:

alain-baxter-main-imageYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyAlain Baxter Bares All In His Olympic Bid_972_1_1___SelectedDB_081205_AlainBaxter_400

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics special: Kimiko Zakreski

kimijcruz09jl20_0947ndsKimiko Zakreski (born December 31, 1983 in St. Albert, Alberta) is a Canadian Snowboarder who currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. Kimiko competes in Alpine disciplines, Parallel GS and Parallel Slalom.

Kimiko got her first World Cup podium on the 2008-09 FIS Snowboard World Cup tour, finishing second in Limone Piemonte, Italy. In December during the 2009-10 FIS Snowboard World Cup season she achieved her second ever WC podium finishing third in Telluride, Colorado. Kimiko will be a competitor for Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Her official site:



"You can travel around the world and train, train, train and the journey can be over in seconds." – Kimiko Zakreski


As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics special: Claudia Toth

Claudia Toth (born May 24, 1981) is the Austrian national curling team skip. She once turned down an offer to pose for the German edition of Playboy.

She has played in two European Championships, skipping her Austrian team to an 11th place finish in 2004 and 9th place in 2005.

In 2005, she posed nude in a calendar to promote women’s curling.

Her curling teams official site:


As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics special: Maria Riesch

Maria_Riesch_HRMaria Riesch (born November 24, 1984, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria,Germany) is a champion alpine ski racer. She is the current Olympic Champion in the super combined competition. At a height of 1.81 m (5′ 11 ¼"), she is one of the tallest women on the World Cup circuit.

Her official site:





 mariechen-13035228-qf,templateId=renderScaled,property=Bild,height=349Maria-Rieschmaria-riesch (1)

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sexy Olympics special: Kiira Korpi

Kiira_Korpi32Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi (born 26 September 1988) is a Finnish figure skater. She is the 2007 European bronze medalist and the 2009 Finnish National Champion. As of January 2010, she was ranked 11th in the world.

Looking at these pictures I do wonder why I moved away from Scandinavia 🙂

Her official blog is in finnish so have taking the liberty to put the unofficial fansite instead



 kiira_korpi3kiira_korpi_1 kiira_korpi6kiira_korpi7 kiira_korpi9kiira_korpi_2Kiira Korpi 2007Kiira-Koprikiirakorpi3kv2

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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