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Day 1 last years sci-fi week

Alessandra Torresani

She’s hot…

Supergirl Bianca Beauchamp

and so is she…day1a

Sci-fi Week: Alessandra Torresani (Caprica)

The new kid on the block, she is now starring in the new spin-off series of Battlestar Galactica called Caprica.

Have just gone through episode one and two and am not sure what to think about it, it could be good but also has a big possibility of going to the dumpster for me, sci-fi soap, hmmm… not sure yet, will watch ep 3 and 4 tonite… or follow her on twitter 

Also you could listen to this interview from Sci-fi talk regarding the 1st season of Caprica.

Caprica-Alessandra-Torresani Alessandra-Torresani-CapricaAlessandra-Torresani-Cylon-BabeAlessandra-Torresani-HotAlessandra-Torresani-Maxim Alessandra-Torresani-Maxim-pictureAlessandra-Torresani

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