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Good morning world.

cup of coffee girlAm enjoying my 4th cup of coffee now since 5am (aahh). Enjoying a day off since for some reason there is a bankholiday in the UK (not really sure why but I don’t mind.). But of course my plan of trying to sleep in was discarded when 5am I just woke upcranky-early-morning and no way of getting back to sleep. So 4 cuppa later there is definitely not a chance of going to sleep Smile with tongue out

<—That is not me.

That’s more like it –>




At least I got a smile when Striking thoughts posted this great video. That’s one kickass cat and I do feel a little bit sorry for the dog, just a little…

and then for just some random thingies found this morning:

sometimes I wake up grouchy Other times I just let him sleep funny marriage relationship sign plaque country primitive style home decortumblr_lo917pGZZT1qf8rjmo1_500


Cat maid drawing










Dreams of Heaven
by *Oceans-Art

Cat fail – funny







This cat should be ashamed to be part of his species. 🙂

Bondage kitten

Got my Valentines card sorted for this weekend 🙂


via  Kitty Stampede: Cute and/or Creepy Valentines.

Do check out the website, some really messed up Valentines card out there…

Todays pinup


We do love the secreterary look…

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Todays pinup


More like this and I will start cycling again 🙂

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Todays pinup


Photographer Gavin Bond

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