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Photographer explores the public and private personas of your favorite actors

This is actually so cool shots of the people we see onscreen and how they view themselves offscreen.

Bored by the set-up of traditional film festival photo booths, Andrew H. Walker, a staff photographer at Shutterstock, took an unusual approach to celebrity portraiture for this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Back in September, Walker asked entertainers in attendance to pose for a series that explores the internal and external voices of celebrities.

“I was really curious with actors because they have, not only this personal inside voice, but they have a public persona that they put out there, and they also have their private self,” Walker tells Mashable. “There’s this whole other layer of themselves as people. I found that really, really intriguing.”

The series features 51 performers — including several Golden Globe nominees — sharing two sides of themselves for the camera. 

“Having done this before, I know that celebrities are very guarded about their image, and so I was really nervous about how to start this and what the response was going to be,” Walker says. “I have to say, 95 percent were so willing and interested in doing something.”

Via Mashable. com

Marilyn Monroe 1926 – 1962 (via Zoomaa)

I so admire Marilyn Monroe, she seemed to be such an amazing person. And Summertime, this is one hot maid wouldn’t you say…

marilyn05 She died a few years before I was born, and if she would be alive, she would turn 85 today on June 1. She is still an icon and her photos for magazines and newspapers in her days, is now flowing over the new digital media. She died young in 1962 – only 36 – and she will always be the young sexy starlet in our mind.  Marilyn Monroe born on June 1, 1926 – died on August 5, 1962.. … Read More

via Zoomaa

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