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Playboy centerfolds from 1953-1979 and some nice links

Some re-blogs and some new pages updates today:

Am adding all the Playboy centerfolds from 1953-2008… am just doing the last with the 80’s and 90’s so they will arrive soon here but for now, enjoy all the centerfolds from 1953-1979.

  playboy_19531959 playboy_19601969 playboy_19701979

and now for some lovely links and hot dang photos…

caught_in_the_net_by_steveoreno-d382khe "Je suis une usine a fantasme , j’ai besoin d’etre canalisé." from Basetliens (click on the photo to see the full frontal assault)


Spot the Ukulele

"I thought I saw it for a second, but I think that might have just been solar glare. I’m really bad at this game, but I like it A LOT."  Give it a try!
Check out the video here…

chernise_yvette01 "Yes, I know this is a teaser. Full body (and nude) pics will be posted later this week." from The intoxication of Vera Roberts, Playboy Cyber Girl Chernise Yvette erotica-black-and-white "I thought this photo was a bit too sexy for Erotixx’s Photoblog for his Black and White feature, but it was just right for The Intoxication:"
Very very naughty but oh my so nice…. Do click here to enjoy the full pleasure…

Dena in demask by bommi,
amazingly sexy redhead….


Telephone by Emily Addison


Ryder Cup Beauty Lisa Pavin

corey_pavin_wife_cover_avid_golfer-scaled500The Ryder Cup is upon us again, I usually don’t watch golf but the Ryder Cup is a must. And almost wanted to cheer for the US when I saw the new photoshoot of the captains wife, she does look damn good but why has she got the french flag around her 🙂

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