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Good morning coffee

On my to do list today

Good morning 

And it’s coffee time..

Give me coffee..

And good morning world.. 

You there, cup of coffee!

Yes happy Thursday to y’all. And yes I do tend to say this to my first cuppa… 😆 

Good morning world. 

I hope you all have a great Monday,  got a day off and am just sitting in a nice jazz cafe enjoying morning coffee and some jazz music. Honestly this is a Monday heaven for me..

No, the waitress doesn’t look like this, I’m not so lucky. Think beard and potbelly then you got the image of my waiter. 😆

And then Summertime had to do this to me, my poor eyes hurts so much and if I was in that place I would be up with a pen and correcting the poster.

 Update: the day is just getting better, found a beautiful bookshop so was lurking there for almost 2 hours. So new books, no kindle. I can smell the paper; Ahh bliss.

Update 2: oki this day is getting better and better. I had a full English breakfast. I’m in heaven now. 

Prescription coffee 

My medical medicine every day just as the doctor ordered.. 😆

My Monday morning happiness 

Anyone gives me coffee and I will smile like this as well.

GGood morning 


Monday coffee

Mmm ..

To do list

Good morning


Coffee Monday


Where is the coffee?




May the coffee be with you..



Sunday bliss


Ahh Sunday with my coffee… well instead of this glorified picture imagine a disheveled guy on the couch with his coffee, yupp that’s me 🙂

Coffee. ..


I do this way to often 🙂

Happy Monday coffee

Enjoy your day everyone.


Yeah much better now..


My morning bliss


Love this movie


By the way… Coffee…

I’m a massive coffee drinker. Have been drinking coffee since I was 14 and yes, had a few headaches but that went away with water for me. Nowadays I only know myself to be drinking the amount I do.

My coffee schedule:
7am: coffee when I wake up
8am: Starbucks at the train station
9.30: coffee at work
Around 12: coffee with my lunch
13.00: coffee while on the way to my desk
15.00/16.00: last cuppa at work
19.00: coffee at home
22.00: last cuppa

And this is moderate schedule for me, happens that I exceed 10 a day. But no problem sleeping, actually if I don’t have that last cup I can’t sleep. Weird but true.

Realised this due to this bloggers problem to liking coffee. lazy Laura Maisey. Happy Friday all..

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