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Guestblog: Cool Berman

If you want sexy girl wallpaper, japanese artwork, cool graphics and just awe inspiring videos you just have to enter the world of Cool Berman. He has an eerie way of finding some really amazing video short stories. Wish I knew how he does it but if you haven’t checked out his blog yet, don’t linger any longer here but bugger off towards the Realm that is Cool Berman.

I present Cool Berman!


So here comes my lucky number 5 randomized posts from his blog (except for the 1st one which is always going to be the 1st blog post they’ve made).

His 1st post:

Wallpaper 1920×1200


My note: What a way to start up the blog…

Flat Frog

>> Read more

Liopleurodon’s parade

>> Read more

Victoria Moore

>> Read more

Today’s delight…


>> Read more

The sexy school girls…

If you have missed out Cool Berman’s school girls page, shame on you. I do forget myself to check out his updates there but if you feel you need to see some hot girls all dressed up in their school uniforms, check it out here.


Reblog mania

Haven’t had so many post to reblog nowadays, you can tell it’s summer and people actually are more outside than in front of their computers, which is good. Enjoy everyone while you can.

Welcome to BDS&M II Week!

bondageSo this is what you’re going to see: an updated Sex and the Married Woman, BDSM-style; BDSM terminology lessons with snippets from the book (some of you may have read it before on the blog or in the five chapter sneak peek given to a selected few); BDSM photos (classy ones but those are hard to find, I’ll admit).

And finally, one final S&M II sneak peek and the debut of S&M II book cover sometime this week! Whew! That’s a whole lotta spanking right there.

So sit back and enjoy….just don’t wear any blindfolds for this because well, that would be pointless.




taste-the-rainbowAnd then you have this weird video from  I Want Ice Water which I did love to bits…

Click on the picture or the link below to get to it…
The Almost NSFW Saturday


And finally, a big round of welcome back to Cool Berman (was used to be Dusler) for returning to the bloggers sphere. If you enjoy great wallpaper, cool ads and sexy girls, do go and visit his site.


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