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A nice burlesque night out

Was looking around for a nice birthday present for on of my best girl buddies and I found the absolute perfect one, she loves vintage pinups and erotica of all kinds but have never been to a show before so took her off to a cabaret show with some lovely burlesque striptease from some gorgeous (oh my god…) girls.

Some amazing comedy acts and music were in there as well as a nice balance so if you are in London town and this show ‘The Greatest show in the universe’ is playing, please go and see it, well worth it.

Just got home from The Greatest Show in the Universe and it really was. Thank you Will And The People, Bettsie Bon Bon, Cherry Shakewell, Marianne Cheesecake, Alison Wonderland, Elliot Mason, Pippa Evans, Felicity Fitz-Frisky, Soothsayers and a packed Madam Jojos for an amazing night. Keep an eye on YouTube for the videos!

From Jack The Stripper


and thank god, they have released some clips from there as well…


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