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Stained glass project: Disney

Am a huge Disney fan and this is some amazing faux stained glass art from Akili-amethyst on deviantart.


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Gorgeous smoking girl photo


You all know I adore smoking girls and the smoking photography’s genre  and I do so love this photo.

Via J May Images or check out her deviantart account for more of her stuff.

Also send thanks to her best friend who is the model, Elizabeth.

In her own words: I love taking photos and have been trying to get into the biz for the last couple years. One of my favorite things about photography is capturing a moment of beauty most people don’t get to see :) I’m passionate about portraiture and I love being the person others can open up to and show me their true selves! Please check out my work, and critique! :)
Current Residence: Minnesota

Todays pinup – Dancing girls


Send some love to Angi87 for these pictures.

Todays pinup


Send some love to Angi87 for these pictures. More coming…

Todays pinup – Tough love


Awesome photoshoot from Angi87.


Perdition_II_by_la_esmeralda Perdition_by_la_esmeralda

Let’s see now:
Redhead                 Check
Latex                      Check
Corset                     Check
Gorgeous girl         Check

Yepp, that about does it for a great photo. Check out more of this girl here.

Miss Amina Munster


Of course everyone is checking out her tattoos I hope or at least that region 🙂
Check her out on her profile on deviantart.

Todays pinup #2 A bike with blond bits

a bike with blond bits

Had to have a second Todays pinup after the lovely Koukei authorised me to show you this picture. There is so nothing to not like about this photo. Ahhh love… actually thought about Retro Roxy when I saw this picture 🙂

Thanks to Koukei for authorising me to use this photo, do check out his gallery on deviantart, it’s just bloody amazing!

Model: Beth @ Vicious Models
Make up by: Natasha
©2010 *koukei

Heavens yeah…


[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]candid_by_Bakanekoneivia DeviantArt

Artists name: Nei Ruffino
United States

She is quite photogenic as well…

Lush Sister

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]lush sister

















Lush Sister via HMS Latex Design on Deviantart


[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Whipstress_by_poisonberry

                                                   via Poisonberry

Todays pinup of the Gotham babes

Excellent drawing of the lovely Gotham Babes, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Love Bats expression 😀 [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

gotham babes pinup 




















via Valzonline

Sexy Smokers IX – from Mikesh Kaos

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false] one_last_time_by_mikeshkaos


And one for the girls to enjoy of guys smoking, bloody brilliant photographer Mikesh Kaos. Check out his site here.

 almond_flowers_by_mikeshkaos call_our_ships_to_port_by_mikeshkaos f51f51a896d5eecb395a902765c4f5e1 forget_the_past_by_mikeshkaos give_back_my_heart_by_mikeshkaos  the_right_way_by_mikeshkaos

I miss her by My Bohemian Spirit

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]78398e5831a871ff18ee64386d9b5dbb

…already. The day after tomorrow she will be gone for almost the rest of the month. And the bittersweet circle of longing begins all over again.


Candid Miss Mosh

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Fuzzed_by_miss_mosh Tutti_Frutti_by_miss_mosh

I do so enjoy this girls pictures, love the cheeky ones. Check out her website on deviantart and also her official site.

©2010 *miss-mosh

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goodnight_by_miss_mosh_thumb pretty_poison_2_by_miss_mosh_thumb       tumblr_kp0vf50aju1qz8s3ho1_500_thumb

                Goodnight                                Miss Mosh time                 From Miss Mosh w love

Just wow… sexy blonde in corset

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]ec51bcc71827ef00aa23b6b4202f0e60





















via Wild Rain of  Ice and Fire

Sexy Smokers VII – from Yesterdaysmind

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

Something for the girls who like smoking guys for once. Truly enjoy this photographers smoking pictures, he is an excellent photographer.

After_twilight_by_yesterdaysmindCigarbreak_II_by_yesterdaysmind Day_watch_by_yesterdaysmindGNY_by_yesterdaysmind Oher_side_by_yesterdaysmindRemake_by_yesterdaysmind Stay_disconected_by_yesterdaysmindStay_disconected_I_by_yesterdaysmind


[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]2e007342f6983a9e75b50da32ada1741





















This is just an accident waiting to happen when she gets further up, spikes away :)  via Ravenwoodarts

Miss Mosh time

Just love this girl so some nice new photos of her for all of us to enjoy.

Nita_by_miss_mosh Pretty_Poison_2_by_miss_mosh

Click on above pictures for bigger size…
Check out her website on deviantart and also her official site

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