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Happy moving day finally DONE!

So finally moved into my new flat yesterday so we had a cleaning and sorting out all the moving boxes, my 3 bags with some clothes vs her 8 bags of only clothes. How many shoes does really one person need, I got 2 pair and plus my trainers, that lasts me 2 years. Dont think that idea would ever occur to my lady. 😉


Whoever came up with the idea of this shower deserves applause and hugs. Radio, tropical shower setting, back and foot massage and with including disco/mood lights. I have spent more time with my girl in here now than in the rest of the apartment but at least we are clean 🙂


Thy Rincewind and his fair maiden

So finally a Happy finished moving day, now to just sit in the sofa and chill with some nice wine and try to find an english speaking movie on the czech channels,  this is almost impossible.  Watched Die Hard in czech since I know the lines by heart but Bruce Willis dubbed is just not the same and hearing Hans Grubers in czech is almost blasphemy,  Rickman just did that part to good to be voiced over.

Lets end it with this great meme:

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