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Sexy golf session

Had a nice cozy sunday watching the Open Championship, I do truly dislike golf but couldn’t help it, hey, I was in a pub and it was on the screens so my new Stephen King book just had to wait, btw, it seems to become a great book so far “Full Dark, No Stars”. Mr King at his best with short novels.

Anyway, why I did like this golf tournament was mainly because of an under-dog (well he’s won a lot just not this one) winning the open finally, Darren Clarke. After 30 appearances he finally won it.

Anyway enough jabbering about the awful game of sport and onto the girls, let’s start with the lovely Diora Baird.


and she’s not the only sexy gal playing the oh so sexy game of golf (aaah, can’t believe I just said that…)





And who can say no to Playmates running around playing some golf:

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