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By the way… Childhood…

Forget about Vietnam, Korea, Iraq or WWII or WWI. Bah humbug compared to the biggest and most fearsome one of them all, childhood.

Was discussing injuries with a friend and started making a list of my stitches to my poor head.

1/ Had a snowball fight and some jackass (actually my best friend back then) decided to stuff the snowball with a rock. First trip to hospital.

2/ Air gun pellet hit me in the head, thanks to my bigger brother who thought it would be more fun with a running target and as a smaller brother he was my hero so of course I volunteered. 2nd trip.

3/ As a stupid cocky kid I managed to climb the highest tree and actually went ‘Whoohoo’ in joy so of course I lost grip and fell down. 3rd time a charm. Think the doctor is getting fed up with me.

4/ Croquet club hit me in the head. Me and my friend (yes same one who loaded the snowball) invented a new sport, baseball but with croquet clubs instead. Was real fun until I stood at the wrong place and next thing I know there is a Croquet club swinging and Bang! Hello Dr Anderson.

5/ My brother again but this time he was trying to be nice. Tied my snow sled behind his motorcycle and off we go. Had a blast until the sled freewheeled and I got to see a tree real close.  Now I think the Dr is depending on me to come by so that his commission goes up.

6/ Tripped on my cat and say hello to the wooden banister. Is the doctor grinning?

7/ Last one and this is due to me being epileptic. Quick facts about my epilepsy, I only get it if I’m reading. So I know when its going to happen because I get stuck on one word, usually a really easy word but my brain refuse to let it go so I go back and back and back until I short circuit more or less and then it’s off to wonderland of shakes.

This incident happened in a newspaper store and realised what was going to happen when everything went blurry and I couldn’t talk anymore. The thing I should have done is just to lay down and faint but oh no, in my state I decided I could fight this by trying to leave the shop and get some fresh air. Well I did leave the shop but by walking straight through the shop window. This I don’t remember but got later on told this by the ambulance guy who was amazed that only 3 stitches was needed. Never went back to that shop, so didn’t want to pay for a new shop window. New doctor this time. Think my old doctor has retired due to my stitches bills.

So 7 times stitched up in my head alone. Call me Frankenstein. 🙂

Have a nice Sunday all.

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