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Dog fart…


My dog almost has this same face…


This is actually my dog...

What? Talking ’bout me mate?

YMCA Cigarette Dog delivery service


YMCA Cigarette Dog delivery service during WW1. ‘Mutt’ a “trench runner” Frenchie delivered cigarettes and comfort to the soldiers. He was wounded twice and spent most of WW1 boosting moral of the 11th Engineers, shown here carrying cartons of cigarettes for the troops.

From Retrogasm

Warning doggie style

Hah, suckers, you had your mind in the gutter didn’t ya?



Used to loath people posting pictures of their pets so yes, all free to loath away at me now 🙂 but couldn’t help myself when I saw his posture on my legs. Kinda just chilling alright or u got a problem with that?”..

My dogs outfit


This is what happens when I’m away, my girlfriend got bored and decided to get our dog a new outfit, he doesn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed… 🙂

Am so getting him a proper steel studded collar so at least he get some macho in him.

Praha trip

So back from a quick trip to Prague to meet my new competition. A dog! How can one compete against such a tiny thing, only 2 months old and can fit in my lap. Didnt think I would like the little one, want my dogs big… but such a fearless little thing got my heart straight away but not sure if he liked me staying in the same bed as my girlfriend 🙂


Me and my sexy lady...


Mr Miky

So only 2 more months until I move to Prague and am soooo looking forward to this next step in my life.

Good morning world.

cup of coffee girlAm enjoying my 4th cup of coffee now since 5am (aahh). Enjoying a day off since for some reason there is a bankholiday in the UK (not really sure why but I don’t mind.). But of course my plan of trying to sleep in was discarded when 5am I just woke upcranky-early-morning and no way of getting back to sleep. So 4 cuppa later there is definitely not a chance of going to sleep Smile with tongue out

<—That is not me.

That’s more like it –>




At least I got a smile when Striking thoughts posted this great video. That’s one kickass cat and I do feel a little bit sorry for the dog, just a little…

and then for just some random thingies found this morning:

sometimes I wake up grouchy Other times I just let him sleep funny marriage relationship sign plaque country primitive style home decortumblr_lo917pGZZT1qf8rjmo1_500


How to turn your collie into a cyborg killing machine

Cyber doggie

Uncredited scan but oh so great…

You don’t want to know   this isn’t happiness.™.

Sexy Smokers XI

Bad_Student_2_by_MustakrekishI know I had this one before but it’s just such a great photo…  6fccee4177464faf18a2e9eee624aa16bdb6488eacc7eb42 And_you__ll_die_by_HumanszBella_Capone_by_fantasio

I dare anyone not to like this one… well both the one on the right and the one below as well. A_Great_Piece_Of_Rework_by_Mustakrekish[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]1940s_by_Jenn_Ryan













Filthy and beautiful… sweet…


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