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Todays pinups galore

judy popSo since I’m off for a few days let’s go all out with a kick ass massive pinup post, hope you enjoy and that it will keep you going until I come back…


cherri bombebony silkkay oharalucy furmme absinthepepper mintsheree kellyrose mcgowanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         saritumblr_m5u770VlMU1qzgf1uo1_500


Picture number 1:  Judy Pop, photo by Jeremy Scott

Picture number 2: The lovely Ashleeta,
photo by

Picture number 4: Ebony Silk

Picture number 5: Kay O’Hara

Picture number 6: Model: Lucy Fur



by Ophelias Overdose

And to finish off with a Bunny Maid

Ok, last bunny I promise, got my new bunny maid at the post today so have to show her off Open-mouthed smile


Sexy dress

On my to do list: 1. Get a girlfriend 2. Buy this dress

sexy girl in latexsexy latex

Red dress

ok, just wow… Jessica Rabbit deja vu here…

red dress

via Silently Broken 1

Todays pinup

redheaded sweetie

Sexy smoking girl

sexy vintage smoker

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