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I bloody survived 10km run

I’m so happy to have survived and also to managed to get ahead of my fellow colleagues running, was quite a shit beginning, managed to wake up late so that the bag drop was closed by the time I got there so had to run with my backpack but at least that got me to have my cigarettes close to me which was actually a boost for me (although I did manage to stay away from them the entire race).

On the sad note, although I was running with my 5 lovely female colleagues no hanky panky occurred and the most erotic thing was a nude man running with a loin cloth so altogether quite a miserable run Open-mouthed smile On the good part, considering I had no training, ok did do 30 minutes run to the pub the week before but not sure if I can count that one. Anyhoo, did finish off in 1 hour and 22 minutes which for a 38 year old with absolutely no consideration for his body is bloody damn good. Whoohoo, which meant that all of us went to the pub to celebrate and try to forget this entire run, we did good… until next year…

and yes, this is the waiting video when I got bored, it was just insane with people.

and honestly if you managed to come this far down in the post, you should be rewarde with lovely Emma Stone going sexy on your ass.

emma stone on vanity fair cover

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