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This is my 2nd blog, can u people believe it, I’m doing the frikking London marathon this year!!

Run fatboy Run


The Virgin London Marathon 2013, really? Am turning 40 on the 05th of April so just 16 days after turning old (well..), I’m going for this, is this my midlife crisis? Think I rather have a midlife crisis where I buy a Harley and start wearing a toupee instead 🙂 When my company sent out the email that they had a few places left I said yes straight away, after thinking about it for 10 minutes my brain realised what I just had agreed to, my body was still in denial so it had no clue what was happening. I just said yes to run 40 km or 25 miles in 2 months time!

On Saturday I went down to the pub with my body and brain to so that I could break it gently for my body. He was slightly upset at the proposition of going…

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Ophelias Olympic outfit

What a way to celebrate the start of the Olympics wouldn’t you agree…


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Bournemouth Weekend

Lucy Pinder on Bournemouth beach

Lucy Pinder on Bournemouth beach

Well, been to Brighton beach and Bournemouth beach in England this weekend so sorry that all my comments and late blog reading has been in decline since friday but it was worth it. 1st time in Bournemouth UK and don’t think I’ve ever seen so many skimpy outfits in my life. Was actually almost overkill so my brain stopped noticing them after a while, wtf!

Anyhoo, back now from the dead, well kinda recovering now.

In Pictures: Robot Army Takes Over Trafalgar Square

This is gonna be my trip into town tomorrow to have a look. Apparently it looks impressive but you can’t really see the text with the human eye, shame but still worth a look.

Outrace, the major installation at Trafalgar Square for this year’s London Design Festival, was switched on last night. Designed by Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar, the installation consists of eight robotic arms, borrowed from the Audi production line, and each fitted with a powerful light strip. Punters are able to text a short message to a computer, and the arms then move in sync to ‘draw’ that message in the night sky.

In Pictures: Robot Army Takes Over Trafalgar Square – Londonist.

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