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sophie_sandolo_2007Ok, been a couple of interesting days. Had one of those weeks when the company wants you to meet your suppliers (yawn). But for once it actually paid off going to one of these things, won two nights at a 5 star hotel close to St Andrews. Now this is brilliant and I even get to play 18 holes on the St Andrews course, now I just need to learn how to play golf Disappointed smile.


Since it was Saturday I thought I bugger off towards central London and do some mindless shopping. Was meaning to go to Charing Cross and look for some cool vintage postcards but ended up going to Camden instead. To my bliss I found some Tintin album and a new comic book which I seem to have missed out on, The boys. Now this is a must read for everyone. It’s about a messed up society with the superheroes in the middle of it and this little group of people trying to keep them in check (well, mostly by killing them off to be honest). But it’s a splendid take on the superhero frenzy and the what-if superheroes are just plain normal jerks as the rest of us. Btw, as you can see on the picture there is a pen as well. This is a slight perversion of me, if I go into a store and they have a slightly ok pen, I HAVE TO BUY IT… I just can’t help it, so am trying to stay away from shops with pens. Nerd smile

And to finish it off, am learning Spanish at the moment which reminded me of this superb sketch from Eddie Izzard about the silly words you have to learn in a foreign language which you will never, ever use.

and actually if you come this far down on the post, might as well enjoy some nudity (about bloody time) Smile

sexy black girl

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