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Sexy by Gabriel Garcia De Alba

Via Gabriel Garcia de Alba

Oh those nurses…

I think I need my medication. Smile with tongue out

2 of eachthe nurse is in



Teddybear lover by Slawa

This girl rock my world…


Shy little thing…


by Slawa

Olga Kurylenko

Sometime I just can’t win but am ok to have lost with my Swedish girl against this hot tamale of Ukraine sexiness. So to celebrate her win from my last posts Ukraine vs Sweden, here is some hot shots of her. Update: Forgot to close the poll and now Sweden is winning, whatta hell are you people doing to me Open-mouthed smile


“Thank God I’m single! I hate jealousy, I hate possessiveness. I’m nobody’s possession.”
– Olga Kurylenko


The sexy 6, one funny and 1 cool one

One butt to enjoy…

Literal encounters…

literal encounters
In my minds eye.

in my minds eyes
Sexy smoker.

Want me to show more?

cover up
Is she taking it off or putting it on…

Does my butt stick out?

from behind

Good calories…

good calories

Red latex

blonde latex godess

Bondage loss

I so miss my ex who really loved bondage, need to find me another bondage lover soon.


Sexy specs

Bring on more of these sexy girls in glasses.

sexy in glassessexy w glasses


Cuteness overload… Surprised smile


By Miss Laurelle

Oh what a smile…

Cafe love

I so love my coffee shops, just to sit down with a book or maybe just looking around at all the people around you while sipping a perfectly made black as hell coffee.

at the cafe

Cafe Poems IV

gurgle, hiss relentlessly
to the click of cups
and clank of clogs
dragging on wooden planks

interjected by nasal drone
of one man expressing his

silence ensued when
old man with thick grey
mustache walked by
in s l o w m o t i o n
armed with a Caffe Latte

the jazz vocals struggle
to keep up with
sudden sharp ringing
of cellular phone
and the knocks of espresso filter
on countertop

jet black pulled into a rich pony tail
another draped in natural twirls
while the blonde’s smitten eyes
speak to frizzy curls

jet black picks out her gelato
and the march begins

so i sip my diluted iced coffee
and wish i could kiss the lips
of jet black with the innocent eyes.

>> Poem from Then Came rain…


Holly Cakes

Just so so so so hot it’s nasty.

Holly Cakes


sexy photo and lovely story…

Lucy V – The duel continues!!

damn this man… 😀 but hey, I’m not complaining for this kind of duel..

Grumpy old fart!!!

That Rincewind chap has once again thrown down the gauntlet, I think this is just a ploy to divert my attention away from Bryoni Kate no chance!!

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Lucy V – Duel

My dear Summertime doesn’t like to be outdone so he has put up a smashing amount of pictures of the lovely Lucy… enjoy… And I will respond to this as soon as possible, a duel you want, a duel u get… 🙂

Grumpy old fart!!!

Not to be out done by Rincewind I have added another selection of the gorgeous Lucy V

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I don’t normally do this sort of thing …

this post so deserves a reblog, some great sexy/weird meme…

For the girls (and ok for the guys as well)…

Just admit you want to get to the bottom of this Be right back

that guygh3qSand he agrees Smile

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