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Just stumble on to this one, slightly larger boobs here  than I usually like but liked the white theme so here ya go.

A little mix of corsets and latex

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Ok this last one is a little bit too freaky even for me but was just amazed first by the great photo shoot and also how tiny her waist is in that white corset. Bloody hell.

Click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Sci-fi Week: Sexy Supergirl Bianca Beauchamp

Some latex loving from Bianca Beauchamp, as a comic geek anyone dressed as Superwoman gets my vote but doing it in latex gets plus points galore.


Click on the pictures for bigger size.

Check out her website:

and for more blog posts about her from me, click here.

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Will you wait for me by Phantagiro

Just an astounding photographer. Check out her webpage on Deviantart.


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Update / and a great pic of xbow/latex/ringmail girl

Have been so neglected my blogging duties, have been stuck on a stupid/silly Facebook game called Kingdoms of Camelot building an empire. I so have to get treatment for this sickness. I personally thank Bob Patterson for sending a reminder that the blog still exist… 🙂

So let’s start today with a great one of Anne Duffy, where can u go wrong with crossbows/ringmail/latex/boots and a gorgeous girl, nothing whatsoever…


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The almighty sexy Katherine L Rose


This girl is so hot and sexy, she got it all… Welcome Katherine L Rose.

24 years old
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
My Myspace Profile

From her site:

PS: Keep an eye out for the show in the future (should be a few months at least, since we just wrapped filming).  It’s called "Clunker’s" and it’s a comedy show.  My co-stars are
-Sherman Hemsley (Played ‘George Jefferson’ on "The Jeffersons")
-David Faustino (Played ‘Bud Bundy’ on "Married with Children")
-Carl Payne (Played ‘Cole’ on "Martin")
We are the 4 main roles and we are Used Car Salesmen.  FUNNY stuff!  Love those guys and it was a blast working with them!

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Miss Mosh time

Just love this girl so some nice new photos of her for all of us to enjoy.

Nita_by_miss_mosh Pretty_Poison_2_by_miss_mosh

Click on above pictures for bigger size…
Check out her website on deviantart and also her official site

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Model: Yaya Han – sexy asian cosplay model

Yaya Han, sexy asian model who loves to do cosplay costumes and modelling as well.
Check out her Online Portfolio and also have some nice ones of her on my steampunk page.

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Almighty sexy model Ashley Harmon

Just check out sexy Ashley Harmon, a 23 year old model from Memphis, Tennessee.
Her website here…

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<– Check out my post of smoking fetish pics for more from Mike Trobee who shot this exellent picture of Ashley






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The sexy Harley Quinn cosplay/comic/latex suits galore

Just love this character in the Batman universe, Harley Quinn is the almighty insane but oh so sexy villian and Jokers almost girlfriend. Thanks to all the cosplay people out there who love dressing up as her as well…

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Sexy shiny shots – some latex loving

I do love the art of latex and the awesome curves they bring out in the girls… so enjoy people.

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Miss Zee – sexy chinese model

21 years old model from Shanghai, Miss Zee… amazing pictures and talk about legs to die for.
Check out her myspace site:

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Erotic Agent Provocateur photoshoot

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Just amazing photoshot for Agent Provocateur catalogue and my oh my, want to buy quite a few here to try out (not for myself though, don’t have the figure for it… so need to get me a girlfriend quickly. 🙂

And as usual, click on the smaller pictures for bigger, yummier size.

Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_01 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_02 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_03 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_08Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_04 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_06Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_09Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_10Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_05  Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_16Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_14Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_15Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_07Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_19 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_21Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_17Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_11 Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_22Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_24Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_25Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_12Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_20Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_13Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_18    Agent_Provocateur-Lingerie_Photoshoot_23

Awesome latex babes

babes-259 babes-202

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Latex Catwoman sexy halloween style


Pain of pleasure


Claudia – latex fest

fr_claudia01_01 fr_claudia01_02 fr_claudia01_03 fr_claudia01_06 fr_claudia01_07fr_claudia01_04fr_claudia01_05 fr_claudia01_08 fr_claudia01_09 fr_claudia01_10 fr_claudia01_11 fr_claudia01_12 fr_claudia01_13 fr_claudia01_14 fr_claudia01_15 fr_claudia01_18

Sexy nurses


2768974520_3321cde5a5_o   Nurse_Red_by_ulorinvex And the last one, a strange kinda Kill Bill nurse assassin 🙂

Ridd1e me this, ridd1e me that…


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This girl is amazing, an avid cosplay model and a sidedish of fetish so waiting for more from her.
Check out her site here, Ridd1e

Happy sexy friday – enjoy the photos –

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