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My probably most hated Swedish song

There is not enough hatred I can have for this song but play it on the dance floor and I will belt out to the lyrics like a moose on fire. Enjoy the Final Countdown by Europa a la Spongebob Squarepants.

Maja Keuc from the Eurovision Song contest

slovenia 1Ok so the Eurovision Song Contest is over for this year, was only a few girls there who I really fancied, the two twins and this babe from Slovenia, Maja Keuc. There was also one really cool one, Serbia’s Nina Caroban in her 60’s dress. Blimey… see the video and also a video is included for Moldova just for being amazingly interesting for a Eurovision song.




and now for the guys with the massive… hats:

Feb/March poll result:Where are u from?

Hmmm, suprising result in a way, more than 64% from  America and 23% from Europe, thought more European people would be  here or maybe they are just lazy sods about polls :) Anyway, not  scientific but kinda cool. So hello to all you americans out there...  oh yeah, haven't forgot about 1 person from outer space as well,  live long and prosper you... *-*-*-*-*- New poll up, whats your favourite sexy outfit?
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