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Maja Keuc from the Eurovision Song contest

slovenia 1Ok so the Eurovision Song Contest is over for this year, was only a few girls there who I really fancied, the two twins and this babe from Slovenia, Maja Keuc. There was also one really cool one, Serbia’s Nina Caroban in her 60’s dress. Blimey… see the video and also a video is included for Moldova just for being amazingly interesting for a Eurovision song.




and now for the guys with the massive… hats:

Sexy Twiins from Eurovision Song Contest

For those not in Europe, there is the Eurovision Song Contest going on and this year Slovakia is represented by identical twin sisters Daniela and Veronika, known collectively as TWiiNS.

While their song was quite shit they do look quite good so I could easily vote on them just for that.


twiins-eurovisionEurovision_2011_Germany_Twiins__Slovakia_029398_   twiins_-_photo_05_by_rastislav_brezovsky

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