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To wank or not to wank

just-say-nojerking off; spit-shining the old water pump; waxing the brass candlestick; beating off; playing cards with only one hand on the table; riding the quarter-horse; joining the mile-high club, solo-aviator division; giving in to the hand police; wank.

Masturbating has many names and unfortunately for me, I read Accidental Masturbators blog yesterday when he was so happy to have sex with his wife but unable to orgasm so he was going to abstain from masturbation for one week. Hyacinth (guestblog from yesterday) took up the torch and agreed to help him out (nooo, not that way u pervs Smile with tongue out). Nope, she would also try to behave herself.

So as a helping hand, I throw myself into this as well and will stay away from my private parts for one week, other lovely bloggers have also committed to this so during one week there will be many frustrated sex/erotica bloggers on wordpress… Confused smile 

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