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Betsy Rue as the Super Heroine Libra in “Femme Fatales”

BetsyRue as librabetsyruefemmefatales1

She’s already been irresistible once before in the horror flick “My Bloody Valentine” and now Betsy Rue turns everyone on yet again as the costumed vigilante Libra on “Femme Fatales”. This Blonde Bombshell does look super hot in the body-hugging super heroine outfit and Besty can certainly deliver all the right moves. If they are working on choosing the sexiest women list for 2012, Miss Betsy is deserving of a spot on it. Not only is she overwhelmingly saucy, she’s also known as one of the nicest actresses to talk with, proving her desirability on all fronts. We can’t wait to watch her sizzle our world in the near future!

from Actress Obsession

I can’t believe that I missed out on this show, have to find season one to catch up on some watching, this seems like a brilliant pulp fiction kind of show. Just watching the trailer for season 2 made me shiver of glee and happiness.


Get a sneak peak at the hit Cinemax series, Femme Fatales, based on the bestselling magazine, is the new cult smash Entertainment Weekly calls “a badass-chick anthology series” and Geek Monthly hails as “50% Tarantino, 50% Sin City, 100% Cool.” This sexy, thrilling anthology series is about powerful and dangerous women inspired by and styled in the tradition of classic pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels. Featuring an array of sensational guest stars, classic songs, suspenseful storytelling and a stunning score each week by Joe Kraemer, Femme Fatales will leave you in breathless agreement with UGO TV which raves “if you haven’t been watching Femme Fatales, you really don’t know what you’re missing.” Femme Fatales debuts on Friday, May 25th, only on Cinemax.

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