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Pick Your Team!!

all about the Euros today 🙂

The Weirdly Wired World

The best reason for a united world as I’ve ever seen!

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Superbowl time soon…

Well, Superbowl is on, just one more day for kickoff. Will be enjoying it 12am in a sportsbar in London with some friends, so so good. Just a shame I forgot to take the day off so after the game (finish around 4/5 in the morning UK time) it’s work directly… aaaaahhh..


and I so wish the fans for English football teams would look like this:


and gotta admire this shot of Lady Gaga in her football pose:


Body search *funny*


Just some silly but funny stuff

chuck-norris Just face it, Chuck Norris rules! and Jennifer Love Hewitt in a corset rocks..

jennifer love hewitt in corset 

Love this one of Jon Bon Jovi and the gang, respect… more here


hihihi, I would so stay away from this land…


You gotta enjoy his smile, talk about dying and going to heaven…

tactics curiosities

Ouch, I actually was looking at my thumb for quite some while…

Have a great friday now…

Philly football


I know, it’s not soccer but I do love American football… Go Bears! and before you say anything, yes yes yes, I know this is Philadelphia….


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All and nothing saturday blog

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false] Hello all, hope everything is ok out there in cyberspace, have been missing in action due to the football world cup, my free time have been spent with a six pack beer and the telly to my flatmates disgruntled dislike, she doesn’t understand the religion of football 🙂 But thought I get one huge post up before the games starts again in 4 hours.


It’s a shame that the real players don’t look like them above…

this is the girl we would like to play games with, no?


For the comic geeks, probably the most famous asses around… 


  I do like this one, kinda cool coming from an ad of McDonald.









57f91575b8d6e805ac49aab7895a262fkinky spidey playing with mary jane Kinky Spidey, I knew there was some good use u could do with that web via Dearboy

ACTION_FIGURE_by_Lora8 hihihi….

These guys are just amazing…

and for last post, the new Tom Petty video, great song.


Ok back to the store to stock up on beer and snacks, could maybe be good to see the outside world again 🙂

Hattrick – The original online football manager game

This is such a great site for your chance to manage a football team, and no, you can’t manage your real-life team. Here you start in the bottom and go upwards. What’s gonna happen to your team depends on your training, purchases and strategies. I love this game due to the fact that you don’t have to be online all the time, it takes time to get a good team together, have played for 5 years now and still haven’t got a really great team but every season I hope for the chance to qualify upwards (am on lvl 4 out of 7 now…)

The forum is fun as your series has one each so you can have banter and tips from all 8 playing in your series and upon qualifying for next series, new friends arrive…

The game is played as real-life as possible, every sunday is a league game and during the week you can travel and challenge other players to increase your players training.

It’s easy to get started but takes time to master.

Check it out on this link: Hattrick

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