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I know that most people of course get their movie watching done on DVD or other ways of finding them on their computers but just in case, just found this site which has some nice freebies. Some really good/awful and plenty of bloody dreadful movies but for me as a horror buff of the old kind, heaven… Of course they got ads for this service but I can live with that. Sorry that this post has become an ad, should have asked them for money Open-mouthed smile

Watch Inside Deep Throat onlineAnyway, I just wanted to give people a hint in case you haven’t seen the documentary about the time and recording of Deep Throat and you want to see it.

  • Inside Deep Throat – An inside look on the legacy of the most influential adult film of all time

and if you want to see my movie watching for this week, here is my saved list at the moment:

  • A Night In Casablanca (can never go wrong with the Marxx brothers), Monster From Green Hell (the name says it all for me), The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (the last tour of Europe for Jayne Mansfield, I’m in heaven…),

  • Star Slammer – An Amazonian beauty is locked up in an all-female prison…in SPACE! (ok the premise sounds inviting but kinda doubt I will be seeing some grand acting in this one.)

  • Walk All Over Me, A small-town girl inadvertently becomes a dominatrix. (Ok this might be interesting, it does have Tricia Helfe, the sexy cylon from Battlestar Galatica in it…)

    Watch Beyond Re-Animator onlineBeyond Re-Animator, Welcome To Death Row. The Doctor Will See You Now (ok this is a horror movie I love, Re-Animator was amazing when it came out and now it’s been 20 odd years since I saw it so will be interesting to see if my feelings for this movie will stay the same)

  • Watch Trinity Is Still My Name onlineThe Brain From Planet Arous (yepp, sci-fi movies with superb names does it for me), Trinity Is Still My Name (loved these italian movies in my youth) and finally Elvira’s Haunted Hills (Elvira rules and nobody says anything bad about her Smile )


* Amendment: Watched Elvira yesterday and that was a crap crap movie, had totally forgot but still enjoyed it though… Open-mouthed smile

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