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A must have for a furrie

This is quite a neat little thing.

Furries everywhere, rejoice! A Japanese firm named Neurowear has developed some brain wave-controlled cat ears which can move in accordance with your thought patterns. Check it out:



meoww meoww 2

I do know that I have had these two before but I love ’em so suck it up and enjoy people 😀

Furry fetish

555656-furry2_superHave had this on my draft for ages when I was looking through some fetish galleries and found this thing about furry fetish. Had never heard about it but always nice to learn something new. This is one of the fetishes that I will stay away from. Can’t see myself wearing a hamster suit or feel attracted to a sexy unicorn girl. Nah…

But the more I delved into it, I also realised how big this is. Not just the sex part which is the smallest part of this furry fetish. Have been going through some amazing and weird photos from their conventions and they actually seem to have a damn good time playing out their roles. 

From Urban Dictionary:

Furry Fetish
A sexual attraction or affection to furries, or anthropomorphic animals. Usually encountered in the furry fandom, but also amongst other people.
Common slangs for people with a furry fetish are furvert and furfag.

A: "So, you’re a furry? Are you into yiff?"
B: "No, not really. I don’t have a furry fetish."


An anthropomorphic vixen, a typical furry character below:


The pictures I got below probably wouldn’t count as proper furry sex pictures but some of the ones I found out there was just way to disturbing even for me…

11b1111 (1)  21 21 (1) 21 (2) 

Hear me roar!

furry love 

and this is just plain wrong 🙂furries3

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