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Todays pinup


by Gabriel García de Alba

Sing it by Gabriel Garcia de Alba

Was gonna keep this one for a Todays pinup but hell, I have actually got pinups on my blog scheduler uptil beginning of October and that just will not do, had to show it now Open-mouthed smile

via the amazing Gabriel García de Alba


Sexy pinup from @ggaphoto

My next destination is soooo going to be Mexico if these is what their car ornaments looks like Surprised smile


PIN UP | gga©
Model: Karla Peniche
Photo: Gabriel García de Alba

Pinup art by Gabriel


Superb pinup post from
Gabriel Garcia De Alba.

Gorgeous pinup chilling out

Another great shot from Gabriel Garcia De Alba. Model: Karla Peniche


Great mexican pinup photographer and his sexy shots

gabrielgarciadealba_by_gabrielgarciadealba-d3ra8k9Was so happy to have found this Mexican photographer, Gabriel has done a great set of pinup shots which are just lovely and enjoyable. Made me smile looking at them with the sexy innocence that a nice pinup shot should have. Btw, if you don’t go visit his site, he will come and haunt you, you know he means business when he is pointing at you Smile with tongue out  —————>


Quick bio:

Name: Gabriel Garcia de Alba

    • Current Residence: Playa del Carmen
    • Interests: Photography Life Experience
    • Favourite movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • Favourite band or musician: Pearl Jam
    • Favourite genre of music: Grunge, Rock
    • Favourite poet or writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    • Favourite photographer: Cris Romagosa
    • Favourite style of art: Pin Up
    • Favourite game: Syphone Filter
    • Favourite gaming platform: PS1
    • Personal Quote: una fotografia no roba un momento, ni lo congela… una fotografia es parte de una historia… (sorry don’t know Spanish all to well but think it something about photos being part of history… I primarily know una cerveza por favor, used frequently when in Spain.. Open-mouthed smile )

Twitter: ggaphoto
Deviant art:



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