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Star Wars

After my lightsaber video find yesterday, I found this collection of hot Star Wars girls from so many cool places on Pininterest that I had to post it… Enjoy my little padawans.


from Star Wars Burlesque, almost worth going to Australia me think.


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Science-Fiction / Fantasy week


is back this week. Been a year since my last one so thought it was time again. So starting monday 00.01 19th of september UK time 00.00 there will be mainly sci-fi geekiness and sexy sci-fi girls for the entire week. Hope you will enjoy… 

Cosplayer from Comic-Con 2011

Well Comic-Con has been through San Diego and now I’m reaping the benefits of the internet when the photos from the cosplayers are starting to roll in. Hope you enjoy some of my favourites but there are just so many of them out there…



and what is a Comic-Con without all the Leias…


Sugarpunch me all day long….


This next one of Death from the Sandman comics is so one of my favourite:


and I can’t live without some Harley in my life:


Sexy comic girl

rosalind by edson

via Edson Carlos

A must have for a furrie

This is quite a neat little thing.

Furries everywhere, rejoice! A Japanese firm named Neurowear has developed some brain wave-controlled cat ears which can move in accordance with your thought patterns. Check it out:


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