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Sexy Smokers

Yummy smoking photos.

Todays pinup Ingrid Pitt

She is just so gorgeous..

Sexy selfies

Come to papa 🙂


Window shopping

Virgin white

Bondage time

Hot Spring with Holly Wolf

I spent some time in this gorgeous Hot Spring in Hakone, Japan! Here’s a preview, full set is now live on Patreon 💦💦💦

Via @HollytWolf

Todays reblogs

And as a gym instructor I would die happily..

Via boyofbow

Remember to be kind… Always..

Via a pondering mind

Kinzie Reveals Her Body, Sexy cosplayer girl in hot Saints Row costume


And another one from a pondering mind



I’m in heaven..


I wish I know the name of this gorgeous girl so if anyone knows let me know..

Good morning

More funding for the NHS

Anything to give me this nurse for my next check up 😆

Todays reblogs

We wish this is the view we have while blogging but alas I don’t have it. Lucky Voice in the corner

And from Guy’s blog some nice shades.

How many looked at her shades? 😆

And from Dreamshadow59 we get this lovely Ode to the tongue.

Tingling, Tasting, Tantalizing,

Swirling, Salty, Salacious,

Sexy, Sensual, and Luscious,

What more could we ask for?

Place your tongue gently on mine,

And swirl it around my mouth.

Taste my sweet juices on both my lips.

Delight in the flavor,

And tantalize me,

Now, and forever more.


Oki time to tongue play more.

And since it’d Halloween time, what better way than looking at Queen B’s of 1950s Science Fiction & Horror 🎃 from the last drive in.

I love Mara Corday but there is so many great actresses in this blog post, was so hard to select a favourite but Mara won.


Todays reblogs

Just a few today but damn nice ones.


And if you like long legs, panty hose then you will enjoy this over at boyofbow

And vintage posts from Summertime is always good, I won’t be too long.

And another beauty from

And a lovely Raven from Teen Titans via

To be continued..


So yesterday and today was a bank holiday in Czech Republic and that means chaos. Yes let’s close down the Metro for one line (tube), that will work… *Big ass sarcasm*

A normal trip for me would be around 25 minutes but now took me 2 hours… I go by metro and then change to replacement buses, oh my… packed as sardines.

So I get this:

… Instead of what I want which is..

A lovely breakfast or…

… a smokey..

Actually I didn’t want a selfie but pressed wrong button, yummy…

And lastly what I thought about Wednesday 


Via @ODanicaRockwood

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