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Lovely spread 

Sexy #selfies 

Let’s start with glasses..

Lauren Luongo

Official site: and on twitter: (@LaurenTaylor05)

Todays reblogs

Well, Summertime is enjoying shower time.. gotta keep clean and why not!

And the always delightful Friday, April 21st, is Boobday!

Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With confidence comes power and with power comes confidence.

And can we ever go wrong with a redhead..


Oki I’m a huge fan of Lara Croft cosplay..


And why not another Lara Croft via patrickbatemansblog 

Lara croft🏃🎃👻

A post shared by Caitlan Knapton (@caitlanknapton) on

Oki time to go cowboy… Or rather cowgirl, Demi Fray. 


Lastly some booty and boobie shaking..


Delete my pornhub account, oh hell no.

Honestly my phone is having way too much stored raunchy pictures so it just told me too post the fuckers or I’ll delete your pornhub account.  Damn you smart phones 😆 but yes I sometimes hold on waiting to post until I got a theme for the photo but that means my phone is crammed with hot sexy photo that will kill my poor little phonie so to release his tension I have to post this bulk of hotness. Hope yr ok with that. 

Someone wants a ride:

Or spanking?

Of course pinups are all oki..

To train or not to train, well if she is my trainer YES.

Some steampunk is all good..

… Wet t-shirt is definitely a OK.

As for a weird ass breakfast.. definently not ok 😆

And then for the desert..

Want go skiing with Nikky Dream 

Ehrm yes..

Easter bunnies from Twitter

Via @codenamesami 

I ate the easter bunny 🌸💖🐺🐾

Via @SaraUnderwood

Via @ericafett

Happy Easter 🐰


Via @AmyThunderbolt


Sexy girl w white socks 

Honestly I don’t know why white stockings or socks turn me on so much.. Do I have a sock fetish? Btw when I say that I do want them on a sexy girl, I’m not going crazy w lust if I enter a H&M and see white socks on the shelf.. just clarifying so u don’t think me a lost cause. 😆

Sexy #selfies 

Well not a selfie really but.. OMG! ! 😨

Reblog of the day 

So some lovely reblog for the day:

Thanks for the sexy Russian lady at It’s dinner time 😆

And if you’re feeling blue Summertime got the cure..

… and If u like very tight clothing go to boyofbow for more of the below..

And let your imagination do the rest here, via Summertime

I love my pervy blogger friends..



Ebony love

Drool time again.. and personal confession, never did it with a lovely ebony babe… will cry now.. 😆 

Serena Rinaldi nude for Venus Gallery Magazine Italy


School daze 

New tennis coach

Had to finish it with my last tennis coach but once again I think I’m in trouble with my new coach. Distraction galore.

Via, there is loads more photos there.

Read the rest of this entry

Sexy #selfies 

Holy bustiness.. 😨

Margerita Waldmann

Am not such a big fan of winter but with these photos of Margerita Waldmann I think I just changed my mind.


Margerita Waldmann – German Playmate of the Month for March 2009

Star Wars Slave outfit 


Oki oki last xmas girls.. maybe.. 😆

I know I might have promised no more xmas girls but damn you for screwing up that promise 😆

Dora Meszaros — Playboy Hungary 

Playmate of the Month for March 2002.

And to top it up let’s enjoy HOLLY PEERS

Update: damn that Russian 😆

More xmas.. but man oh man.

Emily Bloom & Jenna Sativa — Naughty List

Playboy Special Edition

Photographer — Holly Randall

#Busty ladies 

Oh man I want to be drowning in between these boobies… 

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