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And as a gym instructor I would die happily..

Via boyofbow

Remember to be kind… Always..

Via a pondering mind

Kinzie Reveals Her Body, Sexy cosplayer girl in hot Saints Row costume


And another one from a pondering mind



I’m in heaven..


I wish I know the name of this gorgeous girl so if anyone knows let me know..

Good morning

More funding for the NHS

Anything to give me this nurse for my next check up 😆

Todays reblogs

We wish this is the view we have while blogging but alas I don’t have it. Lucky Voice in the corner

And from Guy’s blog some nice shades.

How many looked at her shades? 😆

And from Dreamshadow59 we get this lovely Ode to the tongue.

Tingling, Tasting, Tantalizing,

Swirling, Salty, Salacious,

Sexy, Sensual, and Luscious,

What more could we ask for?

Place your tongue gently on mine,

And swirl it around my mouth.

Taste my sweet juices on both my lips.

Delight in the flavor,

And tantalize me,

Now, and forever more.


Oki time to tongue play more.

And since it’d Halloween time, what better way than looking at Queen B’s of 1950s Science Fiction & Horror 🎃 from the last drive in.

I love Mara Corday but there is so many great actresses in this blog post, was so hard to select a favourite but Mara won.


Todays reblogs

Just a few today but damn nice ones.


And if you like long legs, panty hose then you will enjoy this over at boyofbow

And vintage posts from Summertime is always good, I won’t be too long.

And another beauty from

And a lovely Raven from Teen Titans via

To be continued..


So yesterday and today was a bank holiday in Czech Republic and that means chaos. Yes let’s close down the Metro for one line (tube), that will work… *Big ass sarcasm*

A normal trip for me would be around 25 minutes but now took me 2 hours… I go by metro and then change to replacement buses, oh my… packed as sardines.

So I get this:

… Instead of what I want which is..

A lovely breakfast or…

… a smokey..

Actually I didn’t want a selfie but pressed wrong button, yummy…

And lastly what I thought about Wednesday 


Via @ODanicaRockwood

National bikini day 

I know, I’m one day late… But damn, anyone looking at my tweet account yesterday would think I’m a perv… ohh wait I am… and proud of it 😆

This is the lovely Bunny Ayu that really caught my eye yesterday…*drool*
Take a look at these search results:

Yummy bondage 


Lick it

Asia Argento 

“Directing is the most rewarding because it holds everything – music, photography, acting, fashion. You get to dream one dream with the people you work with.” – Asia Argento

Daughter of the amazing director Dario Argento,  I first saw her in the movie The phantom of the Opera,  great flick. Awesome woman both actor wise and directing.. 

And PS, did I mention she doesn’t give a fuck 😆

Sexy #selfies 

A little amateur cleavage heaven today… 

Todays reblogs 

Get off my newly polished kitchen sink woman or a line I would not say to Anri Sugihara 😆

Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by MiuMoonlight via Geeklandmag

@MiuMoonlight Cosplay lovely cosplay of League of legends.

A new line of porn I have to check out, thanks to Zoomaa and the post The Feminist Pornographer

I had the pleasure of discovering the erotic empire of Erika Lust recently. It is certainly a pornographic production company, but it is more than that. The approach to the erotica is based with a clear feminist and human rights profile. With an intention is to make the pornography in an educational way to help the viewers better to understand their sexuality – and live more free and natural. Maybe also change the seedy reputation of the porn industry, and show that this can be done with more depth and quality.

And a Sunday without Louise Brooks is not a good Sunday, thanks Summertime.

If u want more please see here from my site and Summertime, we are massive fans of this girl. 

Ana Perduv,  such a gorgeous pinup model. Thanks Pinup fan.

And we are feeling purple over at boyofbow.

Hot lesbian Mortal Kombat cosplay over at

Princess Kitana with Me as Tanya. Two hot girls are cosplaying for  CosplayErotica

Todays reblogs 

Once again I’m a little behind reading blog post’s and there are so many good ones out there, for instance Summertime got a new tray sorted out…

And Second Focus blog is just chilling out by the pool…

If u dont fancy sunbathing, why not go surfing with Isabella Schulz, German Playmate of the Month June 2017

And all is not tits and ass in my blog reading, sometimes I can be deep sometimes  *cough bullshit* 😆

I loved this post from John Coyote, just a small excerpt below.

Why do writers write of war, love and depression? Why do writers write song for nature, beautiful places and woman?

We must. Writers are not born with pen and paper. They learn the want and need to express dreams and possibilities like the great ancient writers.

Dead writers come alive when we read their words. When we quote them and borrow a line, we rebirth powerful thoughts and great men and women.

I believe you must read to write. How does an empty book become full if you do not live?

And after that thoughtful words I believe we need bikinis and deliver that in full.. 

And why not some lovely ladies in black over at boyofbow.

And in case you need a new office worker, Chrissy Marie is the one to hire 🙂

And lastly, I would fucking scream like a little girl if I saw this abomination near me..

Damn u Summertime… 

Sexy morning #selfies 

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