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Help… please before my head explodes…

Help me… started thinking about a home shopping presenter from the  USA who was selling crap on TV in the 80’s-90’s. He wore glasses, has brown hair and his trademark jumper in all different colours… think his 1st name is Mike. Does anyone know his full name??

And oh yeah, he looked real geeky…

This is driving me insane and google for once has given up trying to help me, my search words are getting more and more bisarre 😀 “USA presenter Mike selling shit in his jumper” doesn’t not give me at all what I need, strange…  I could give up this quest but now that I have started thinking about it, I’m doomed. I just gotta know…

by the way, 3rd day wank free. Have diverted all my energy to the above silly questions instead 🙂

Just how massive is Google?


click on the picture to see the rest, its quite a long list (that why the crop in the middle) of in my view really interesting facts.

Jesus that’s funny.


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