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I’m a big fan of fonts, so far I have 5 books about them and just enjoy looking and reading about them.


Envisioning Disney Characters in "Real Life"

Envisioning Disney Characters in “Real Life”


From the lovely blog Go Pantone and a great artist Jirka Väätäinen

Rhino general–awesome artwork

This character is just so cool….


by *JoseAlvesSilva

Character created for an upcoming 3DCreative magazine tutorial on using ZBrush. I hope you like it!

Art of the Title Sequence | The Byczek Blog

Love the graphic artworks of some classic movies that are featured in this video.

Great video that only brushes the surface of some of the best title designs and sequences in film history…”

Art of the Title Sequence | The Byczek Blog.

Philly football


I know, it’s not soccer but I do love American football… Go Bears! and before you say anything, yes yes yes, I know this is Philadelphia….


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Some cool facebook icons to use…

batman-for-facebook darthwader-facebook simpsons-for-facebook star-trek-for-facebook superman-facebook terminator-for-facebook

I do like these ones, will so use Spock from now on…

Fantasy 3D-girl with big assets


Sexy tattooed girls III



Some 3D artwork

d962113e73c4ea06ef8bac44b0eb93e3Forgot her name from Street Fighter but either way, excellent artwork.


Twisted Dolls : Mistress Lili, Rebeca Puebla (3D)

twisted dolls

Twisted Dolls : Mistress Lili, Rebeca Puebla (3D)

Check out her portfolio here.

Sexy 3D characters from Andrew Hickinbottom

54062_1163349072_large  54062_1163349549_large 54062_1163349072_large54062_1163349549_large

54062_1213578435_medium 54062_1217783381_medium 54062_1222730157_medium

Great art from Andrew Hickinbottom, check out his portfolio here…

The blade


Stairway to Heaven


Such an awesome idea.. lovely execution.

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