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Coco Lectric – Maid

Thanks to Summertime and his post Coco Lectric – Maid


via Miss Missy

Welcome to Black and White month


The month of Black and White love has started, so love the erotic tones of a beautiful black and white photo with their contrasts of shadows.

As help for this month, I have asked my fellow friend bloggers for help and they said yes. Thank frikkin’ good for that, not sure if I could find enough stuff on my own and also will be interesting to see what they will do…  The anticipation is giving me goose bumps.

You can find specific articles from them on the right-hand side menu.

summertime   veraroberts

The author of Grumpy Old fart who has some great old postcards/pictures of all kind of erotica is a perfect guest blogger to join me this month. Should expect some amazing corset pictures and bondage most likely but who knows.

test   This gorgeous creature from the blog Intoxication of Vera Roberts has such a vivid imagination in her head that I’m so looking forward to what is gonna come jumping out of her guest posts. Bring it on girl. 🙂
izaakmak   wilboucher

Another great guest blogger, his site
I want Icewater is filled with all things weird and wonderful insights both into his own life and the world in general. But he has such a great sense of beauty and a fantastic humour so will be great to see.

test Great black and white Montreal photographer of fetish, the night, stockings, heels and everything else that comes in front of his lens.

Expect some amazing photos from the mind of Wil Boucher

20’s goddess Louise Brooks

ok, now I can’t get away with withholding this vixen anymore. This is maybe not for everyone but I’m ok with that because I’m so totally in love with her so she is mine, just mine…. 😀 Ok, so she’s dead now and probably would have been to old for me anyway but damn almighty if only I would have been born in the ’20s. We would be talking some serious stalking then… 😉

If you click on the pictures you will be re-directed to Grumpy Old Fart posts who has some great pictures of this girl… Thanks mate.

louise brooks1Mary Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985), generally known by her stage name Louise Brooks, was an American dancer, model, showgirl and silent film actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut. Brooks is best known for her three feature roles including two G. W. Pabst films: in Pandora’s Box (1929), Diary of a Lost Girl(1929), and Prix de Beauté(Miss Europe) (1930). She starred in 17 silent films and, late in life, authored a memoir, Lulu in Hollywood.

louise brooks2louise brooks3

great video mix with some semi-erotic stuff there…

The maid challenge part deux

OTM_Gagged_Maid_by_bound_nicole_babe78 Over_the_mouth_gagged____maid_by_bound_nicole_babe78

oh my dear Summertime with your Maid Challenge attempt, I raise you a maid already gagged and she even brings her own cellotape, how’s that for efficiency 😀

Reblogs galore…

Just had loads of reblogs I so wanted to do but kept on tucking them away and soon they will be too many for me to care for so just mashed them some of them up in one post.

Mr Summertime at Grumpy Old fart has managed to dig up a bloody brilliant 3D artwork, gaze and enjoy…


via Grumpy Old Fart

and Vera Roberts has been a busy bee as well with both some weird shit 🙂 and of course some gorgeous stuff as well…


(I do believe serial killers start off this way…)

and there are more of the same WTF on her blog post Filed under WTF Some shit should stay private



So I’m a little late wishing all the lovers out there a Happy Valentine’s…will this gift make up for it? I can guarantee it won’t melt or wilt.

To see more of this gorgeous photo, click here


and of course one cannot miss out a little Roxy, this one gets bonus points in thousands because of the old lady’s grumpy facial expression(no, not you Roxy…)

retro roxy and crone In a departure from the typical escort call, Roxy was asked to entertain a newly-widowed woman who was anxious to make a drastic lifestyle change following her bereavement. Roxy met the woman in a motel room following the funeral, but after a short discussion, Roxy decided not to go through with it. The woman mentioned that the estate was tied up in probate, so Roxy felt the chances were slim that she would get paid after the encounter.

Click here for more

and last but not least, we have Mr Killian who has moved onto a .com adress, good work mate. Hope it goes well… Do check out his site

01A very sexy post about Lindsay Marie.

Catholic guilt via Grumpy Old Fart

This is just such a great photo, my lord, I will convert…


via Grumpy Old Fart

Coco, Jessica Drue and way kinky old postcards

Two great girls on Vera Roberts blog today, sexy Coco and Jessica Drue, click on the links to enjoy… via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

nicole-coco-austin-6-610x821 Hot Coco Coco aka Nicole Austin aka Ice-T’s wife, has been getting quite a few hits on the blog. Even thought I posted her Playboy pictorial months ago, she’s just about appeared in every daily search. So to satisfy some of the curious freaks out there, here is a sampling of Hot Coco. She won’t be featured for a week, at least not yet. But hopefully I can calm down someone’s fiend-like search. Sheesh.


eyes_by_el_wraith-d2yudx4Oh Ms Jessica Drue – just love this sexy picture.








payback And thank god for Grumpy Old farts blog as well, good to see that people back then were way kinkier than one can believe… Just love this picture –>

Check it out here…

Maid and mistress

Found these a couple of weeks ago from a fellow blogger, Grumpy Old Fart, so love these ones so have to share, check out his site as well with more nuns and old postcards than you can never belive. True bliss for a filthy pervert like me who likes to look at young girls who are old women now or most likely deadish…:)

0102 0304

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