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The Guild and lovely Felicia Day

Ahh finally, season three has started for The Guild, an excellent web series by Felicia Day and the geek adventures of their WoW-similar Guild and their quest for… well… quest for a life I guess really… but it’s a great series. And just to get you all going, here is some pictures of the beautiful Felicia Day.

The Guild official website

Here are all of the links to The Guild Episodes on YouTube:

The playlist for Season 1

The playlist for Season 2

but you can also find them on their official website of course. Start watching now! 🙂

  felicia-day-1 felicia-day-2 felicia-day-3 felicia-day-4 felicia-day-5  felicia-day-ron-jaffe-photoshoot-july-2008-mq-17felicia-day felicia-day-ron-jaffe-photoshoot-july-2008-mq-18 felicia-day-ron-jaffe-photoshoot-july-2008-mq-19 felicia-day-ron-jaffe-photoshoot-july-2008-mq-20 felicia-day-ron-jaffe-photoshoot-july-2008-mq-21

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