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Guestblog: Emily Strange

avatar_a42b8a51d558_128Ok, this is a guestblog from the Tumblr world, no words so don’t know who this girl is but she keeps on finding these amazing dark, sexy goth pictures that just thrills me to the bone (pun intended Open-mouthed smile)

So no 1st post but at least I could randomize the pictures so if you like your girls on the goth side, you will love this tumblr.

I present: Emily Strange


The maid you don’t want to cross…
Gun loving goth…
Lovely corset and girl…
and just pure sexy, lovely girl…

and couldn’t help myself, had to add some more pictures from her Tumblr world:

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Dita Gagged (via fetishz)

dita gagged Dita Von Teese bound and gagged. I’d so love to play with her like this. Woman to woman. … Read More

via fetishz

PILF – Piano teacher I would like to f…


Really like this picture,  sexy and glamorous in one go, never played a piano so don’t know if she is pushing those piano keys in a correct way but for me, I do not care 🙂

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