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High heel love


Hot view


High heels and butts, I enjoy this..



Via Ricchy

Sexy red in latex


Redhead – check
Latex – check
Stockings – check
Kick ass high heels – check

Yepp she got it all…

Sexy heels

loved these legs walking into my life (on screen at least…)

sexy heels

Sexy in lingerie and high heels

1 (123)1 (122)

Wanna go shoe shopping

Some legs, high heels and stockings are always a pleasure…

sexy black and white

tumblr_lbpct9BSfy1qe8lnho1_500cute girl

Big picture above via Eyes on the prize 


No shoes on the last one but the stockings and legs made me gasp anyway…

Feel the pain

I knew that the NHS (National Health Service) service has gone down a bit but this… mmm need to get myself to this hospital pronto. Open-mouthed smile


Goth my world

So let’s have some day or 2 with some Goth girls and fashion, ok, Goth is quite an wide spectre and probably an overused word. Just because you wear black doesn’t mean you’re a Goth so maybe alternative is better word but for now, goth to go… Ninja


Lovely heels


High heel love


by *captatio

Fetish poll

Long time since I had a poll and just out of curiosity I bring back an oldie from 2009 I did when trying to find out what fetishes people had and I know there are tons of others out there of course but put in the main ones that just popped up in my head plus will be interesting to compare against the old poll. You can choose 3 answers.

A must have, everyone loves them of course…

Either if you like wearing it or just love having your partner in it.
35142_src 387805-bigthumbnail
Also a must have in this poll.
Like being cuffed, tied up?
sexy_butt_1 Scrumptious-sexy-bondage-girl-black-white-erotica_500
Smoking fetish
Like the sight of a girls smoking and exhaling, inhaling?
Well, don’t think anyone mind a maid, nurse or other costume wearing fantasies.
tumblr_ls58j8Dqds1r2yrj1o1_500 maid
Feet/Hands/High heels
this one includes shoe fetish as well

and you can find the poll at the top of the right hand menu.

Sexy lingerie girl

Amazing photo, hot hot hot…

hot lingerie girl

Stairway to heaven

sexy stairway












This is what I want delivered
to my stairway…

By the wall


Todays pinup in sexy fishnet stockings

hot fishnet and high heels

via From Lady to freakin’

Race on


Todays pinup

missvhaven by rome wilkerson photo

oh my, those lovely curvy ladies… Miss V Haven by Rome Wilkerson photography

Todays pinup

falling out of the bed

No frills or?

no frills or

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