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Are we the Baddies?’ Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Scetch

Was rewatching the Mitchell and Webb show and i had totally forgot this sketch, it’s so damn funny.. 

Easter Message from Sean Spicer – SNL

SNL gotta love Trump and Spice,  so much to make fun off.. 

Saucy postcards

I so love these ones..

Chakra realigning 

Honestly I wish I had this one today. 3 hour meeting and nothing accomplished because one fuckwit kept on talking and not about anything concerning what we actually were meant to talk about. This is the person who would be quiet an entire meeting and everyone is happy to go before that awful question: So any additional questions? And POW, one arm up and all the rest goes quietly in their mind Oh crap... 

I usually love everyone, ask anyone. I rarely hate people but now finally I met my foe and archnemesis.

I so want my 3 hours back… 😆

FWD: Can you work tonight?

Ohh I wish I could do this whenever being asked to work extra.. 

Thanks Summertime for giving me a big smile at the end of a loooong Friday. 

Snoopy is down #lol

Mayday mayday.. 😆 

High-five #lol

You know u want to 😆

The reason evolution started #lol

Hihi.. I love Piraro. 

Alcohol #lol

Sad but slightly true… 

Patience is a virtue #lol

but i don’t have it 😆 slow people drive me crazy, either at work or commonplace people walking sloooowly.. aargh drives me crazy.

Make sense #lol

Nope.. 😆 

Me last night.. #lol

So tried but my brain kept on coming up with ideas.. Damn u brain… I need sleep! 

Lego nightmare #lol

Peanut quandary #lol

I so love this comic strip..

Animal meme 

That first one killed me.. 

Pizza! Where are you #lol

When your friends asks… #lol 

Found this when my friend Rain and me meet up for a drink and writing moment last week.  Was great and damn fun. I might not have done the writing I wanted to but had a great time.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse #lol

BDSM #lol


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