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Indiana Jones or how I couldn’t stay on track for one post

Was going to start on a post on how awesome Indiana Jones is even in czech. Now don’t get me wrong,  nothing against the Czech but the problem is with me and not knowing the language yet. So I go to classes which is fine but to be honest I love learning by watching movies I know. So I watch movies I know by heart in English in the dubbed language and I do tend to get some new words out of it.

Anyway was watching the 1st Indy movie and damn it’s still brilliant even dubbed. But had to find something nice for the post so went searching. 

A lot of nice stuff but I found the greatest thing in this clip from Terry Gilliam which has nothing to do with Indy but all about filmmaking and the difference between Kubrick and Spielberg.  And I love it, we should have more movies asking questions than just making us feel good.

Terry Gilliam criticizes Spielberg and Schindler’…:

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