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Happy birthday Izaakmak

As a little birthday treat for an amazing guy and blogger whom I’ve now known and followed for more than 3 years, BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR IZAAKMAK! Love ya mate (in a macho manly way of course 🙂 ).

If any of my readers birthday is today as well, these videos are for u as well.

Your mission for today is to visit his site and give him a birthday hug now at I want Ice water. 😀

Other birthday wishes for the big man. Pied type and from Cool Berman.

Guestblog: I want Icewater

His site I want Ice water is filled with all things weird and wonderful insights both into his own life and the world in general. But he has such a fantastic humour which lifts his blog to newer and higher realms. I’m never disappointed travelling to his world.

I present I want ice water!

In their own words:

makMy friends call me Mak. I’m a disabled Electronics Engineering Technician, Technical Writer, and Air Force veteran. In case my photo doesn’t make it clear, I come from a mixed heritage that includes Black, White and Native American. And trust me, my heritage – not to mention my appearance, has most definitely had an impact on my life.

I absolutely DO NOT claim to be an expert at or on anything. While I have spent my entire life watching, listening and reading in an effort to understand myself, other people, and the world we live in, I hope I’ll never be warped enough to claim that I have all the answers. And I have faith that no one else will make such a mistake either. It’s like that old joke about the ex-spurt: “Sonny, back when I was just a spurt like you…” I pray that I never come across as such an old fool. Read more

btw, realised after I published this one that of course it mentions his photo on the blog, not the one that I put in there of his avatar (he doesn’t look like that at all… Smile with tongue out)


Women Who Kick Ass!

kahlan-amnell-bridget-reganI don’t know if it’s some kind of unconscious seeking of a mythological super-mom, or just a strong desire to see women finally stand and fight back against all the abuse that’s been dumped on them through the ages, but I have this absolute fascination with depictions of strong women – especially when they’re kicking some serious ass!

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Some Truly FINE Works Of Art

In my ongoing quest to bring a little class to this joint… Err… May I present to you the following truly “fine” works of art… Ah… To pay a final tribute to the Halloween season… Oh to hell with it, I confess! I just love pictures of hot women!


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Black On The Right Side

800px-bele_and_lokaiI was made painfully aware of how dangerous racism can be when I was just a boy. I was also made aware of how silly, sick, and pointless it is by the efforts of people like these.

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The Almost NSFW Saturday


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His Space posts:


A great NASA slideshow set to Alpha by Vangelis!

You Want Crazy? I Got Your Crazy!

As I said in my last post, my original plan for today was to purge the inner darkness feeding off the lunacy of our situation in the Middle East. So, are you wondering what I had in mind? Well, to be honest, I never did come up with words to sufficiently describe the emotional cacophony echoing in my mind, but here are the videos and graphics I gathered, along with a “musical” final thought.

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The Thread To… OMG!!!!!


I have a knack for following the smallest thread until I find my way to the chewy, gooey, “psycho-nougat” at the end of the lunatic trail!

And such was the case this morning, when I “innocently” followed this link from my Inbox:

Erotica from 1907 « diary of a cheating whore

Which just happened to contain this link:

5 Ridiculous Sex Myths From History (You Probably Believe) |

Which just happened to contain this link:

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And What About Peter?

This article is inspired by Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and my belief that there’s a certain poetic justice to our current state of affairs. It’s my first attempt at poetry. Please be kind.

And What About Peter?

In a world where it’s commonplace to rob Peter to pay Paul.
Does anybody ever wonder what Peter thinks of it all?

Does he accept that it’s okay to bear the burden of our need?
Or would he rather we not be the reason why he bleeds?

Do you ever think of what it’d be like for you to stand in his place?
To toil and slave for others with no hope for saving grace?

Do you wonder how it feels to be the sacrificial lamb?
Or do you just take all you can get and never give a damn?

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Reblog mania

Haven’t had so many post to reblog nowadays, you can tell it’s summer and people actually are more outside than in front of their computers, which is good. Enjoy everyone while you can.

Welcome to BDS&M II Week!

bondageSo this is what you’re going to see: an updated Sex and the Married Woman, BDSM-style; BDSM terminology lessons with snippets from the book (some of you may have read it before on the blog or in the five chapter sneak peek given to a selected few); BDSM photos (classy ones but those are hard to find, I’ll admit).

And finally, one final S&M II sneak peek and the debut of S&M II book cover sometime this week! Whew! That’s a whole lotta spanking right there.

So sit back and enjoy….just don’t wear any blindfolds for this because well, that would be pointless.




taste-the-rainbowAnd then you have this weird video from  I Want Ice Water which I did love to bits…

Click on the picture or the link below to get to it…
The Almost NSFW Saturday


And finally, a big round of welcome back to Cool Berman (was used to be Dusler) for returning to the bloggers sphere. If you enjoy great wallpaper, cool ads and sexy girls, do go and visit his site.


Welcome to Black and White month


The month of Black and White love has started, so love the erotic tones of a beautiful black and white photo with their contrasts of shadows.

As help for this month, I have asked my fellow friend bloggers for help and they said yes. Thank frikkin’ good for that, not sure if I could find enough stuff on my own and also will be interesting to see what they will do…  The anticipation is giving me goose bumps.

You can find specific articles from them on the right-hand side menu.

summertime   veraroberts

The author of Grumpy Old fart who has some great old postcards/pictures of all kind of erotica is a perfect guest blogger to join me this month. Should expect some amazing corset pictures and bondage most likely but who knows.

test   This gorgeous creature from the blog Intoxication of Vera Roberts has such a vivid imagination in her head that I’m so looking forward to what is gonna come jumping out of her guest posts. Bring it on girl. 🙂
izaakmak   wilboucher

Another great guest blogger, his site
I want Icewater is filled with all things weird and wonderful insights both into his own life and the world in general. But he has such a great sense of beauty and a fantastic humour so will be great to see.

test Great black and white Montreal photographer of fetish, the night, stockings, heels and everything else that comes in front of his lens.

Expect some amazing photos from the mind of Wil Boucher

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