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Jack Davis RIP

I loved MAD magazine as a young adult and most of my visit back to the magazine was due to the artist Jack Davis, his glorious cover pages and use of colour. It was amazing,  sorry to see you go Jack but you did bring a lot of joy to me.

From MAD magazine:

It is with great sadness that we note the passing this morning of long-time legendary MAD artist Jack Davis.

Jack was one of the founding members of MAD Magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots.” An enormously gifted and versatile artist, Davis’ work appeared in the very first issue of MAD and virtually every issue over the next four decades.

“There wasn’t anything Jack couldn’t do,” said MAD editor John Ficarra. “Front covers, caricatures, sports scenes, monsters — his comedic range was just incredible. His ability to put energy and motion into his drawings, his use of cross-hatching and brush work, and his bold use of color made him truly one of the greats.”

“More than any one piece, it was Jack’s immediately recognizable style that revolutionized comic illustration,” said MAD art director, Sam Viviano. “There is not a humorous illustrator in the past 50 years who hasn’t been influenced by him.”

Via Mad Magazine 

and just enjoy some of his art.

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