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Todays pinup James Bond and Pussy Galore

So stylish and perfect..

James Bond infographics


Robert McGinnis – pinup artist

mcginnis95Have added a new page on my Classic pinup pages for this amazing artist, probably you will recognise his James Bond art the most. Click here for the page.

Robert McGinnis was elected to the Society of illustrators Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Winslow Homer, Robert Peak, Frederic Remington and Frank McCarthy. He illustrated many magazine articles and more than 1200 paperback book covers (detective novels, thrillers, gothic novels, murder mysteries, romance novels, Westerns), playing a role in the pulp fiction boom in the ’60s and ’70s.



Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

Monday blues

sleeping_computer_body_180x220Well, today at work I have actually managed to do no work whatsoever but not by choice. 5 people almost fighting over the emails that came through with queries. Sad sad world… It was just so bloody dead so thought I do some wandering around the lovely internet to find something to enjoy.

So this is just a huge posts of funnies, the yearly wandering around my bookmarked blogs so that new people can find weird/sexy/slightly boggling stuff and new stuff I’ve found during this day of bewildering quiet.

Just one of those days…just one of those days
accounting and karate

gym rules

safeword This is a really good online magazine issued every month about all things erotic but tends to adress the bondage and fetishes mostly which I don’t mind at all… Safeword Magazine


And now for something completely different, well not really:

sexy artwork Signe ultime de soumission.

I enjoy this newly started blog, he goes in for submission usually but they are just amazing shots… go there and drool in french. 🙂

via Basetliens


doctor_robotski A still from the science-fiction soft-porn classic, "The Mysterious Package of Doctor Robotski". Although the movie was a box-office bomb when it was released in 1968, it has since garnered quite a cult following. In another unfortunate instance of typecasting, Roxy was cast as a nymphomaniac CIA agent on LSD

Via Retro Roxy


margaret_nolan_vicky_kennedy_britsmut And let’s not forget lovely Sheer Heaven and his buxom babes from the 70’s, 80’s mostly, vintage pinups…

<< Born in Hampstead, London to Irish parents, Margaret Nolan adopted the name Vicky Kennedy while working in the ‘glamour’ scene during the early 1960s. Her best glamour photo modelling work was with Harrison Marks in Kamera and other magazines. In Goldfinger, it was actually her body painted with gold in the titles and advertisements, not Shirley Eaton’s as in the narrative of the film.

ice_bannerWhile it looks like it’s going be a while before the old hermit’s dream of my own personal robo-mate is realized according to Kinect Sex: Coming Soon to a Console Near You?, there are people working feverishly to re-purpose Microsoft’s wonder gadget for motion-sensitive virtual sex.

Hot damn! Could it be that my lonely days are over? Lord knows this has to be an improvement over previous offerings!

via I want Ice Water


lucy-becker04 Holy crap, Lucy Becker is amazingly hot so off to Mr Killian now to see more of her. Even if he is Irish he seems like a nice man 😀

via Mr Killian







1-tiffany-fallon-playboy-001 and xmas has already begun in the domain of Vera Roberts which is quite ok if she keeps on posting those lovely December pinups from Playboy, go christmas go…

via The intoxication of Vera Roberts





music-lessons And a stroll around the web wouldn’t be final without a look at what lovely 20’s erotica Summertime at Grumpy Old Fart has posted…

Music Lessons via Grumpy Old Fart





and managed to find time to locate some sexy super heroines:

powergirlemma frost

and for the grand finale, gotta have some pussy action really… 🙂


Ok that was all I managed to do during the day, stay cool everyone…

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