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Sexy hot Asian girls 4

continued from Sexy asians 3… my final big post of sexy asian girls for a while…

Sexy hot Asian girls 3

continued from Sexy asians 2… some more asian love for you in my absence …

to be continued..

Sexy hot Asian girls 2

continued from Sexy asians… now with even more, 78 hotties…

to be  continued soon…

Sexy hot Asian girls

I just have way to many hot asian chicks and trying to do some single post about each and every one would keep me going blogging for quite some time so let’s start with the first 50…  to be  continued soon…

Hong Kong party

hong_kong_island_skyline_by_nujabes-d4rwmufSo will be a good day for me from tomorrow night until Sunday. I’m off to Hong Kong for one night thanks to work, one of the airlines was nice enough to give out business class seats for some of us to travel to Hong Kong, staying there for one night and then 12 hours business class back. I love my work at the moment Open-mouthed smile 


So my search in Hong Kong will of course be to enjoy all
the lovely things there.

Maybe I will find a new maid?


And we all know that the Chinese are so nice and happy to please.

Or maybe I will finally find myself a redheaded girlfriend?


and of course I have to find some bikini contest in Hong Kong. (well… the chances are slim but who knows Smile ).

Could anyone tell me if they have any nice beaches there? Smile with tongue out


I wonder if my colleagues are ok to tag along to some nice dungeons when we get there?


I have of course texted Yuuri Morishita (below) to pick me up from the airport but haven’t heard anything yet… oh wait, she is in Japan isn’t she… oh damn…

yuuri morishita 1yuuri morishitatumblr_m09mk1QFk01qcy4rxo1_500

But to conclude I hope I will be a happy man there, can’t believe anything else… Give me food, drinks and nightlife, Hong Kong here I come… and see you all on Sunday.



Lovely asian girl

sexy asian girl

Sexy librarians

There just is something geeky sexy about librarians, I guess it’s something similar to the teacher fantasy I got…


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In the pink by Nylon Dreams

If you want more (and yes you really do…), check out Nylon Dreams blog.

tumblr_ljo85jD5zF1qzcowyo1_500 tumblr_lk5u46JftT1qzcowyo1_500 tumblr_llhdrmiXSK1qzpjbfo1_500

Sexy asian girls lying down

lying down asian bikini girl

Tearing up that maids outfit

This is what happens when Summertime works his maid to hard, they just start tearing up their maids outfit… work them harder mate… 🙂

Todays pinup Japanese girl

japanese pinup

Let’s get started with todays asian theme on the Black and White month…

Kimono time

hot asian girl

Damn sexy photo

sexy in corset

Just wow, hot Japanese girl


couldn’t come up with a good title so guess the 1st thing I thought was good enough as a title 🙂 that is tits to die for…

Oh those nurses…

the nurse is in the house sexy asian nurse

I’m so checking in…

Todays pinup Japanese girl


Crouching tiger

crouching tiger

… wanna see my hidden dragon… sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Hot japanese girls

cute japanese girl lovely japanese girl red love from japan

Disturbing pic of the week: bovine latex dolls

Those japanese people never seize to amaze me with weird shit…



Yes, of course it’s from Japan. Flazzummed by Coilhouse.

from Magneto Was right

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