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Job interview #7

Prague! What the hell I thought.I’ve been in London for so long so why not. My first thought when I moved was to get somewhere warmer, well London is so great but let’s work down to the warmer countries. Yeah Czech Republic. I’m an idiot oki.. 😆 

But my girl was there and once again thanks Air France / KLM. They have an su  contractor there so thought I send them an email asking if they needed a Scandinavian speaker. And.. 2 days later I was on Skype for an interview. 

Unfortunately our Internet at our place was not working perfectly so was sitting in the loo to get the best connection. Here is me sitting on the toilet seat trying to have a decent interview at the same time some people want to poop. Best and most awful interview in my life. And they said yes straight away. Fuck yeah. 

And once again I had only 2 weeks to get everything sorted due to their training starting soon. Was a mess after that. 

But 2 weeks later I was on a 17 hour bus with all my stuff embarking to Prague with no actual idea about where the hell I was going.

 The bus arrived the same day the training started so came in quite ruffled and no sleep to my new job where I still am… and anyone moving to Prague, you will love it. 

So that is my job interviews from 1992-2017. So far i have never been unemployed which is awesome and for people who are looking for jobs, apply everywhere, you can get a job,  you just have to dig in..

Or as the Nike would say, just do it!

Job interview #6

(Continued from interview #5)

I actually met the love of my life due to interview no5. Quick brief, she was working as an aupair in Woking, very close to my job. I will do another post about that.. way to convulted to go into now

Anyway the travelling was killing me.. from my home to Shepperton took frikking ages.. so went looking around and realised I could do this on my own. So went freelance, anyone wanted a quick fix I was your man. So during 2 years I was everywhere in London. Worked for Disney doing travel arrangements for the bosses and artists (actually talked to Johnny Depp once..),  Hogg Robinson and more..

But.. my girl that I met was going back to Prague so… what to do.. I had a long distance relationship before and it exploded,  just face it, it sucks and will never work so decide to head off to Prague. It was either that or just break up.

And that comes to interview #6

Job interview #5

(continued from interview #4)

So fed up with a night shift I was in limbo… 

so found by chance a application again for an offshore/charity  travel agent (crew changes for oil rigs). So applied.

Oki meeting number one was not with the HR but straight away with the team leader who just led me to a computer and pretty much said: – Do these bookings.

So I went ahead and made bookings for them a full day. Ehrm without paying gotta say…

Anyway by the end of the day without an interview he told me he that by me staying that long and he had no complaints about the bookings I had done for them, I got hired.

Best part of this was that it was just close to Shepperton studio and as a James Bond freak i would have taken anything close to where the film studio was. 

Many lunch breaks I was over there trying to get a glimpse of the Harry Potter they were shooting but to no avail.

This one I left by my own accord, the daily commute was a killer especially with national rail which is notorius for never ever being on time. So bye bye. .

Job interview #4

(continued from interview #3)

So my company was bought up by the a different company, story of my life…

So now what…well got lucky again. Good to know a lot of a people.

Again due to my work with Air France / KLM I got an interview with a company for a 24H service for offshore  (crew changes ) so went there and got the job in 15 minutes. They pretty much greeted me and since I know all the people just from the phone, I got the job.

This is the only job I left by myself, working from 6 in the evening until 8 in the morning killed me. Mainly socially, I was sleeping when my friends were alive so went completely to hermit stage. Awful.

Job interview #3

(Continued from interview #2)

Oki so after a few years at Air France/KLM i was slightly bored. And due to i had the pleasure of talking and helping travel agents I knew so many of them. I’m gonna brag now but I was damn good at what I was doing.

So when I saw that one of the travel agents was looking for an offshore  (special fares) agent I straight away applied and they responded happily. 

Interview: Was 5 minutes w the boss who said he would hire me straight away except.. what!! 

Well he said, he would hire me but that he wouldn’t hire me unless the other people on the team said yes as well. I still love this boss that he actually would rely on the actual people working.

So had an interview #2.

They called me on the Air France/KLM line and said meet up outside their office. Oki? Wtf..

So was there expecting the Spanish inquisition..

A small team of my to become colleagues came out and said -Pub.

Oki again. WTF..

But yes off we went to the pub and got talking and damn drunk. We talked about everything except work. Music, movies… so at 5 am we were working through kareoke and I was doing an embarrassing ABBA cover but I got hired the day after.

Btw, all of us ended up sleeping on the couch in their office. 

But this was a tough work, we worked like maniacs and often I was never home on time, we slept a lot in the office but man I had fun…

But of course even the best jobs ends when they were bought up by another company… to be continued..

Job interview #2

(continued from interview #1)

So Starbreeze moved.. 

Instead I wanted to move abroad and my single favourite people are the British so why not London? So sent out one single application randomly to Air France/KLM who were searching for a Swedish speaker. 

So got a call back just when I had a party going on. Slightly drunk, well well pissed I would say.. anyway they invited me to London for an interview. So 2 days later I was in Wembley. My interview was going really bad until I saw a book in my interviewers pocket which was a David Eddings fantasy book. I mentioned that it was a brilliant book. So we ended up talking about sci-fi/fantasy for 40 minutes and I pretty much got the job because of that. 

Thank god for sci-fi. So here I come London. 

Now that was a frantic move, I had less than three weeks to sell my flat in Sweden and move to a new country. I was exhausted when I got to London. But I was in my favourite city so I was so happy.

Job interview #1

My very first job interview number 1 was scary easy, some people knew I had computer skills, this was in ’92 and I managed to land a job just because I was the first name they knew who could do computer networking so no proper interview, they just came and asked if I could sort out their system so got hired just because one of my friends. So landed a job in the computer game development circle.  Brilliant work. 

If u played Darkness by Starbreeze Studios I’m one of the various people getting killed when doing motion capture with them. Awesome work, both inspiring to create computer games but a damn hassle on my social life since we worked mostly during night time. 

Unfortunately they hit a snag with the production company so they had to downsize and move.

So I was one of them who left. So now what… well London was calling..

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