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Reblog saturday

ok, it’s saturday, it’s sunny, have a beer in my hand. All is good and beautiful and have just finished going through and reading all the blogs. Enjoyment in full so let’s reblog some awesome ones.

From Blurpy:


I want to …share these words of wisdom from Johnny Depp…
From Grumpy Old Fart:

And the lovely Bryoni Kate’s lovely ballet outfits.

Show Beauty


From Zooma
Sexy redhead


from the Nude Monk
Feel like splitting?


from the Nude Monk
Bloody awesome bicycle tricks

from Cool Berman 

Thanks to Shouts from the abyss  for finding this perfect one from the Cassandra Files (I know, it’s a reblog of a reblog… ischn’t that weird).

image001 The Making of Dita Von Teese Hologram


Designed by Musion Systems Limited, the hologram is currently on display at the Christian Louboutin Exhibit in London, exclusively at The Design Musuem until July 9.

Thanks to Pocket Venus for this cool link to the video, am so going to the museum this weekend.

Sexy guys…

…especially for Plume coquine, she was happy that she finally got to see some guys on my smoking pages and yes, I gotta admit that I haven’t really posted any manly pictures on this blog. There are a few reasons though, 1: Well, I’m a guy and as such a manly man as myself (ehrm, yeah right..) don’t tend to search for sexy guys. Sorry, I know there are some mighty fine specimens out there. 2: Girls are more photogenic really in my opinion. Guys are not that sexy on photo to be honest. At least I don’t think so… there are a few exceptions (got one on this post) but the female body is so more attractive. 3: Actually can’t come up with a third reason so think maybe my reasoning is off basis, if any female reader is reading this and want to post some sexy guys, let me know and I’ll add you as an author…

Anyway, back to the French girl, so have no idea what kind of men she likes so had to put up a little cross section of guys here. Hopefully one of these will do for her.

The slightly sophisticated                                                          The Cool and doesn’t
just out-of-school guy?               Sexy black dude?                     give a damn guy?


tumblr_ljyvesUZLZ1qg22hlo1_500tumblr_ljmnorTzCJ1qg22hlo1_500<— Furries?




or maybe she likes the goofballs?  —>


       or skaters boys?                    maybe Hairy dudes called Ivan?

or why not the cowboy look? Howdy ‘mam..tumblr_lqnhgsBnTj1qg22hlo1_1280

tumblr_lp0jwtZOlB1qg22hlo1_500tumblr_ln4he34tkf1qg22hlo1_500<— The sexy six-packed animal lover? And this one I do also want to know what the fuck the photographer was thinking off, why is that dog on his shoulder.  Totally beyond me why…

The Disney wannabe
, I actually like this photo ——————>



tumblr_lq8gudU2gc1qg22hlo1_500The asleep and not annoyingly awake guy? Winking smile probably all girls want this one…



And anyone who can actually look sexy
with this hat deserves all respect,
love this guy. —————>



then we come to the one I would marry if I ever would choose my boyfriend, Johnny Depp. Now this is a sexy guy mainly because he is just so damn cool and intelligent.
Ok he does look damn good as well…


portugalOr if she is really desperate, she can pick the author Nyah-Nyah

Heather Lagenkamp from Nightmare on Elm Street

horror_post_banner heatherlangenkampnancyHeather Langenkamp (born July 17, 1964) is an American film and television actress. She is best known for her part as Nancy Thompson from the A Nightmare on Elm Street films. In 2010, she and many other of the Nightmare series alumni appeared in the documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.



Such a brilliant movie, I even bought the gloves from the states, was my pride and joy for a while and they are somewhere in a box in the attic waiting…

heatheract  horror_hotties_6_l1

This is just such filthy phone sex, I love it 🙂












????????????????????????gAnd since Johnny Depp was also in the movie, he does deserve a little picture here as well.

Great colourdrawing of Edgar Allan Poe

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Am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and love this colour drawing of him, excellent work.

Check out
Nachans website 

als0 she has this great sketch of Bettie Page (see below), and she claims this was a quick sketching, holy cow… So off you go people and check out her art….


Johnny_Depp_by_Nachan Reptile_by_Nachan

Stunning Celebrity Portraits – Lorenzo Agius

Check out Modern Met for some great, sexy and just awesome pictures.

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Stunning Celebrity Portraits – Lorenzo Agius (12 pics) – My Modern Metropolis.

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