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Clinton vs Brad Pitt

clinton and brad pitt

Why religion is like a penis *LOL*

religion funny

just a big bloody laugh when I saw this one…

Off duty Storm Troopers


via Obvious Winner

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ROFL – Jehovahs Witnesses


ROFL! Just had a Jehovah’s ringing the doorbell just a minute b4 I was about to post this one.

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Hilarious Torchwood BBC complaint

hahaha… oh wanna see John Barrowman replying to this letter. *don’t know if this is a true letter or not…

Hilarious Torchwood BBC complaint | Funny Stuff | 17 Feb 2010 |

Happy Suicide – lol

happy_suicide_by_lolita_artHilarious picture, check out Lolita-arts website here.

Love the idea and they do looks so happy and fun loving. Way to go.

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