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Day 2 last years sci-fi week

day2aJust one entry last year for day 2 but what an entry, Jolene Blalock from the Star Trek universe. One major hot babe.

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Sci-fi Week: Jolene Blalock (ST, SG)

tpolJolene Blalock is a really hot babe known as subcommander T’Pol in Star Trek Enterprise. Here is a Jolene Blalock picture gallery.

Other Jolene Blalock characters: Medea (Jason and Argonauts), Ishta (Stargate), Lola Beck (Starship Troopers 3: Marauder). Jolene also appeared in CSI: Miami and House M.D.

Jolene Blalock birth date: 5 March 1975, San Diego, California.




 jolene_blalock_nude_(4)joleneJolene_Blalock8jolene-blalock-artsy-nude-3 Jolene-Blalock-59  Jolene-Blalock-33 lots-nicci1_1264213041Jolene-Blalock-32 

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