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Todays pinup


And Katy Perry… yum yum..

E.T.–Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

Not my favourite song from Katy Perry but am ok with the video…

Katy Perry UK/US latex style

Since Mr Summertime has upped the ante with the sexy Rosaleen Young – Flags wearing the US and the UK flag which was damn good one I gotta be honest. But by throwing down the gauntlet like that we have to retaliate and here comes Katy wearing the UK/US at the same time with the same dress. HAH! Punch

She wore this one last year for the World Cup live tv-show. Ah bless her.


Katy Perry

These lovely black and white photos come from Katy Perry’s photoshoot with Esquire back in 2010. Enjoy!

This last photo is from Katy’s photoshoot with Complex magazine back in 2007.

A last spot of sexy colourful girls before I go….

colourful stockingsand since this is the last colourful blog I’m gonna do for one month, might as well go out with a bang of colour with the lovely Katy Perry, Kirsten Dunst and some lovely stockings to die for as well.

katy perry 1


katy perry 2  katy perry 4 katy perry 5 REI_0023 REI_0074 REI_0080 REI_0143 tumblr_lidwu1gxrC1qi5w67o1_500 up in the air

A little of Ebony and Katy Perry reblogs

Almost fell off my chair when I saw this picture…

ebony Ebony 

via Pichour










and then this page loaded on my browser and down I went 🙂

katy-perry-complex-magazine-june-july-5 I totally forgot about Ms. Perry’s old photoshoot from Complex Magazine back in 2009. There are some real quotes from Katy in some of the pictures. Hubba, hubba, hubba…

40 Days of Freakness, Day 4: Oh Ms. Perry…

via The intoxication of Vera Roberts

Todays pinup Katy Perry

katy perry sexy pinup

Katy Perry and Elmo

Elmo sure gets all the good gigs, being chased by Katy Perry aint that bad…

Sexy Katy Perry California Gurls

My lord, ok not a big fan of Katy Perry but if she keeps doing these kinda videos, I will be there for her…

Katy Perry


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