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Todays pinup

Sexy in black

I wonder what she would do to me..

Latex girls

Latex love

Holy cleavage

Alright, hand me tissues, I’m drooling too much..

Latex love

Todays reblogs 

Get off my newly polished kitchen sink woman or a line I would not say to Anri Sugihara 😆

Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by MiuMoonlight via Geeklandmag

@MiuMoonlight Cosplay lovely cosplay of League of legends.

A new line of porn I have to check out, thanks to Zoomaa and the post The Feminist Pornographer

I had the pleasure of discovering the erotic empire of Erika Lust recently. It is certainly a pornographic production company, but it is more than that. The approach to the erotica is based with a clear feminist and human rights profile. With an intention is to make the pornography in an educational way to help the viewers better to understand their sexuality – and live more free and natural. Maybe also change the seedy reputation of the porn industry, and show that this can be done with more depth and quality.

And a Sunday without Louise Brooks is not a good Sunday, thanks Summertime.

If u want more please see here from my site and Summertime, we are massive fans of this girl. 

Ana Perduv,  such a gorgeous pinup model. Thanks Pinup fan.

And we are feeling purple over at boyofbow.

Hot lesbian Mortal Kombat cosplay over at

Princess Kitana with Me as Tanya. Two hot girls are cosplaying for  CosplayErotica

A tight squeeze 

Ready to explode but thank God latex is flexible 😆

Sexy blonde

The mistress…

… will see you now..

Sexy in black #latex

Green with envy

Unknown latex babe 

Tried to find out who she is but no luck so if anyone knows, please let me know.

Piercing latex

Alternative goth latex pinup.

Dragon lady 

… In latex

Latex babes 

Happy birthday Izaakmak

What to give a guy for his birthday..? 

A latex babe…

Ehrm.. maybe not, he could be allergic..

Maybe some quiet maids..?

Hmmm.. maybe to quiet…

Some fur maybe…

Ohh he could be allergic as well to that..

Oki oki… maybe a spanking..

I give up.. All is good.. so hope he likes it.

Happy birthday dude over at

Cat unbound 

Let me hear you rawr…


Unknown model but gorgeous in latex . 

Beautiful in latex

Would not mind this in my bar..

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