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Need a helping hand?

sexy helping handAlways good with a helping hand…

Sexy Canadians: Neve Campbell

I fell smack-bang in love with her when I first saw her in the movie ’The Craft’.

600full-neve-campbell936full-neve-campbell (1)936full-neve-campbell (2)936full-neve-campbell (4)


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Girl-on-girl shots

Some girl-on-girl photos for your pleasure today…

lickingloving nursesred kisssexy girlssexy table

Some girl love

lesbosMmmmm, erotic at it’s best…

The oh so hot Amber Heard

amber heard 2Just saw Drive Angry and was blown away by the beautiful Amber Heard.

Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is an American actress. Her breakthrough came in 2008 with roles in Never Back Down and Pineapple Express. In 2009, Heard starred in The Stepfather and also had a small role in the horror-comedy Zombieland. She next starred in The Joneses and And Soon the Darkness (both 2010), John Carpenter’s The Ward, alongside Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry, and alongside Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary.

And FYI guys, sorry, she is gay but we can dream anyway…


 amber heard 6amber heard 5

"Carpe omnes. It’s not just seize the day – which is grossly overused. It’s seize everything. I like that. I’ll take it all."

– Amber Heard

amber heard 1  amber heard 3 amber heard 4 

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The end has come…

at least of the Black and white month, I actually had a blast finding the photos but damn, I actually want some colour on my blog now.

This was meant to be posted yesterday but due to way to sunny weather my body demanded that I go outside and sit in the park with some friends so I do apologise for posting more black and white 🙂

But I have to say a big big thank you to my guest bloggers Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts, they have been great, just look at the right hand side menu and click on their icons and be blown away with their posts.

So as the last post from me at least for the Black And White month, just getting rid of the last photos I’ve found on the net. Hope you have enjoyed this month as well but thank god (Cthulhu) that some colour photos are coming back… 🙂

amazing body big bossom

girl enjoying goth helping out SONY DSC roped up sexy eyes sexy girl in high heels sexy girl in loose clothings sexy stockings two girls in the chair wet girl

Todays pinup(s)

wanna join

wanna join in anyone?



Hold on tight babe

grab on

Just holding on

girl biting on

Show me some sugar

give me a kiss


Soumise via Basetliens

2 sexy girls playing

















from Basetliens

Girl on girl

two on tow

Food fight between 2 gorgeous girls

strawberries and chocolate fight

I wanna join in… 😀

Having your panties in a twist


Todays pinup Shoe fetish IV


Todays pinup Shoe fetish III


Todays pinup Shoe fetish II


Todays pinup Shoe fetish


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