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The girls of Hammer horror



A tribute to Hammer horror films and the women who helped make them great. Featuring Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, Madeline Smith, Yvonne Romain, Linda Hayden, Valerie Gaunt, and many more beautiful women of Hammer horror films.
Clips from ‘Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter’, ‘Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb’, ‘Taste the Blood Of Dracula’, ‘Brides Of Dracula’, ‘Horror Of Dracula’, ‘Dracula Has Risen From The Grave’, ‘Curse of the Werewolf’, ‘Vampire Lovers’, ‘Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell’, ‘Curse Of Frankenstein’, and ‘Dracula: 1971 A.D.’.

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